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Default 3 Questions about the BCPP (Gyro, Brushless, Glitching)

OK, I finally got my bcpp set up with the recommended brushless set up in the manual and the optional gyro.

I now have a couple of questions.

1. I canít figure out the gyro settings. I use the knob on the Tx and that helps. I turn it to the point where it will do the quick back and forth thing and then ease it off. This works well for that. My question is when I first start to power up the motor the tail will spin at full to the Right (head of the heli moves right) until I push the stick to the Left, then it will stop. Not sure why it does that. The really big problem I have is it is always creeping to the Right. I have to keep the stick almost always 20 Ė 25% Left to keep the heli orientated. Is there a setting on the gyro that I can use to stop this?

2. Glitching. I crash more from glitching then anything else (well now that I got a new tail motor that is hehe ). Just today I crashed because at about 4 to 5 feet in the air the heli lost power for a sec then regained the power and the tail could not hold it and I could not adjust in time and it went down. Since I only hover at this time, this seems to be my biggest problem with flying. Is there something I should look for that might help with the glitching? Lol, I am going to upgrade to a new heli in the upcoming months and I am thinking of getting the Spektrum DX7 and the Micro Rx (coming out in mid Dec). I know this is over kill but I am really getting drawn into this stuff. It is tough to stop!

3. Ok, this might be a bit off my original tipic but. I am thinking of going the brushless tail route (assuming I get a new Tx). If I do what would I need? Just the ESC and the brushless tail? I already have all the brushless and ESC for the main motor. If so, how does the ESC tail stop the anti rotation force from the main motors? Is it just the adjustments that would be made from the movement that the gyro detects? If so, wouldnít it constantly be adjusting and do that back forth thing all the time?

Any help is appreciated!

Thank you,
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I will let someone else answer these but I do have one word of advise.

I spent as much money upgrading my BLADE CP as I could have bought a T-Rex SE for. The T-Rex SE will kick the Blade CP in the ass in everyway, shape and form!!! The quailty is amazing. It's so beautiful compared to a Blade.

My buddy has $1,500.00 in his Blade CP making it a really nice heli... but often he regrets it saying he could have bought a kick ass T-Rex SE for less money. He does enjoy flying it though. Something to think about.

Just my $0.02

Just a guy and his heli....
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Hehe, thanks for your response Jeremy. I agree, I have been noticing I have been spending way to much money on my BCPP and I have decided to get a Trex. I am planning on using the DX7 with my Trex, so if I get a new Tx then I will use that with both heliís.

To be honest, I have been shocked how much money I have been putting in my BCPP. So I am stopping with the upgrades and want to just get it flying nice.

Thanks for your input

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When I got swept up in the upgrade frenzy, to my delight, I ended up with enough parts to build a stock BCP. That was all well and good but upgrades are making their way onto it now as well.(LOL) It never ends but I learned what upgrades really are worth the time and money spent and which ones are unnecessary for this size heli. I have an SE and it is a beautiful/great flying/low maintenance(so far!) piece of machinery but I still get the biggest kick out of swapping things out on my Blade CPs. I think what you learn totally reworking a mini such as the blade is worth every penny you shelled out to do it. Just my .01c
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Well, I fixed my heliís cracked boom from yesterday by using some Thin CA and some good electrical tape. The boom was solid enough to fly some today.

Before I took it out, I checked the tracking. I held the landing gear and started to power her up and out of nowhere it went into full throttle and the swash plate was all over the place. All the servos were making all kinds of noise. The throttle was still going even when the throttle and trim were all the way down. I played around with it for a few more minutes and had no problems at all. So I decided to try and fly her.

I got the heli out in an open area and started hovering at about 5 feet when out of no where it went full throttle, flipped upside down, and then crashed into the ground. I saw my first chicken dance. My throttle and trim were all the way down when I got to it and the servos were making all kinds of noise. It finally stopped moving and I disconnected the battery.

The damage actually was minimal. Two broken wooden blades, chewed up main shaft gear, and that is all I can really see wrong with it.

My radio has fresh batteries and indicates a full charge.

I am not sure what to do at this time.

Shrug, maybe I will shelf it for a while.

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Make sure you dont have any components touching anything metal or carbon. Put a ferrite ring on your ESC wiring to the Rx. Move the ESC as far away as possible from the receiver. After doing that you need to do a range check. Disconnect the motors first, walk 75 feet away with your Transmitter antenna pulled out only a couple inches. Have a friend relay to you what the heli is doing as you move it through its range of motion. The problem my be your Tx , the stock one is fairly junky.

as far as the gyro setting, you will have to use your rudder trim to get it to hold right as the stock Tx has no subtrim feature.

Upgrading your Tx to the DX7 will probably be the best mod you ever do, very much worth it.

You dont need to go brushless on the tail, there are some very good tail mods that work much better than the stock setup. Dual motor mount with twin tail motors works pretty good as does modding the tail to Direct Drive with a larger motor and a tractor prop. Personally I love the direct drive mod the best.
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To tell you the truth, I have not even thought about the ESC being the problem. I do have the connectors where it comes out of the ESC over the connectors in the Rx. I did not think this was a big deal since that is where it was on the photo of the book. I will try moving it around and see if that will stop the glitching. I hope it does.

Since I did not think of the above, I have not considered getting a ferrite. I will have to see if I can find one. Not really sure where I will find one though. I am sure I will.

Thank you for the suggestions.

Any suggestions for my kneeís shaking? When I get the heli about 5 to 20 feet in the air my heart starts pounding and my kneeís get all wobbly. This really has prevented me from any forward flight (problem get progressively worse when I move out of tail in position).


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A little update here.

I went to the hobby shop and asked for some ferrite toroid and they were uncertain what it was. After pointing one out on a customers heli he then said that I am looking for a magnetic ring. I really donít understand why they call it a magnetic ring (name on the package), it really is not a magnet. Well either way, I got one and put it on the end of my ESC where it plugs into the receiver. I also moved the ESC to the bottom of the heli. This seems to have fixed my glitching problem. I do get another weird thing. Sometimes after I plug in the battery the motor will start spinning up, usually not very fast (once at full throttle) and I will then have to unplug it to reset it. Very strange. I think my Tx is somehow loosing connection. I am not very sure. Either way, thanks for the advise on the Ferrite it seems to have helped with the glitching.

Pertaining to the tail spinning on start up, that seems to have gone a way a bit. With the new DD tail motor that does not seem to happen very much now. I love the new tail motor, it holds the tail so much better. I can actually go full throttle and the heli holds fairly well instead of spinning out of control.

I do plan on giving the DX7 a try when the new 6100 Rx comes out. I plan on getting a Trex soon and figure I can get the radio purchase early. I think that should be a very fun thing to figure out. I am sure I will get a bit frustrated though hehe J

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