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Default Who would have thought a stop sign would mean stop

Since I learned from the forum to control the "transitional lift" of my blade I have been able to advance my flying by "leaps and bounds" I have flown about 50 packs, tail in, side on and nose in hovering and have gone onward to figure 8's, circles, some stall turns and don't get shakey when she hits 100 ft up..

Man this is fun!....

I am leaving tomorrow on a 12 day motorcycle trip so I felt the need to get in a few flights. It has been too windy during the day but just before sundown the wind dies down and flying is great...

YEA BABY lets get in some air time.....fire the baby up...lift off, couple of circles, little nose in, some side on, lets take her out about 150 ft and come back to me and do a nose in stop and hover.....

here she comes....get her a little closer to the ground, down collective...nose up..pull a little back.......

WWHAAMMMM........what the sh#$^^%%!.... I actually managed to fly her right into the only STOP sign on my street.

How the He@@ did I manage to do that?....and right in front of my wife too!......

well....skids broken, blades too, boom strike...takes care of that boom too...I still had on my homemade training gear as I am still not real confident in nose in hover close to the ground and it took most of the impact.

luckly I hit the TH before she hit the ground and the main shaft, feathering shaft, tail shaft and flybar don't look to be damaged..I won't know till I get back, don't have time to disassemble her now....

Well the sign did say STOP..........

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If ever a heli needed an onboard video camera.....


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Originally Posted by Cailid View Post
If ever a heli needed an onboard video camera.....

Now that was a video moment.. WOW
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lol.. well at least you have something to do when you get back from your trip!!
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Sorry to hear about the crash, but it made me smile, if for no other reason than it reminded me of a similarish mishap with a buddy of mine. We were out at a business park on the weekend, where we have permission from the site manager to fly as long as it's not during business hours. Everything was going well until he slammed, at a pretty high speed, right into the one former light post that is in the middle of the field. We don't know why it's there, but it appears to serve no purpose, and we generally just stay away from it since it's the only obstacle, but he got a bit ahead of himself and found it. One of the funniest heli related things I've ever seen in my life. After several minutes of both rolling on the ground laughing at the incident it was time to check out the damage.

Sounds like you got away from yours without too much damage. Be sure to check your servos for stripped gears though. Won't take too many times of failing to do so at all, or until the last minute, to get you out of that habit.

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Id cut the stop sign down for future flying ,,,lol.
Reminds me of the time I hit the very top of a light pole....good times.
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