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Default cyclic servo's: Inolab 260 MG vs Hyperion HP-DS13ACB


i'm looking for cyclic servo's for my incoming Protos and can't choose between two:

Inolab HGD digital 260MG MetalGear Servo for the amazing price of 17$ (Hobbyking)

Speed: .16sec/60deg
Stall Torque: 3.2kg
Dynamic: 2.7kg
Weight: 21g
Size: 38x30x13mm


HP-DS13ACB 37$ in a local shop

Servo type Fully programmable digital mini servo Dimensions mm 29.5 x 13 x 27.6 Weight gram 17.9

Speed (sec/60 deg @ 4.8/6.0V) 0.16/0.13

Dynamic torque (kg/cm @ 4.8/6.0V) 2.6/3.2

Holding torque (kg/cm @ 4.8/6.0V) 5.2/6.4

Although I guess there are other choices for 37$ I'm also drawn to the cheap Inolab 260MG. What would you do?

Oh, I forgot to mention, it's a plastic flybar kit but was thinking of buying the microbeast and use it as a tail gyro only for now, untill I go fbl.
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Why not do it on the cheap and see if you like it? The mg upgrade for my 9650's cost as much as those mg servos. It's not much of a gamble. I say give it a shot.
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I put INOLAB 251's in mine. They fit well. But I still haven't finished it so I can't tell you how it flies.
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I run the InoLabs in my plastic Protos and have been happy with them for over a year, they have served me good from beginner to fast and stupid sport flying. They have also survived quite a few crashes..
I do have faster JRs in the other Protos and notice the difference, but at that price I would get 2 them and put the money served towards a good tail servo/gyro.
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I run the ino-lab 250mg's in mine and have been happy with them, they work well for my flying style (semi aggressive sport flying ). They center well, have minimal slop and movement is pretty smooth. The specs are little slower than yours but they have more torque.
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If you decide on Hyperions I would get DS16-FMDs. They have quite a bit more torque and you can get them for $30 each.
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