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Default Drilled out stock paddles (lighter paddles) mod

My msr had been sitting on the shelf for months, didn't like the way it flew.
Got a bit bored today and figured a way to adjust the msr cyclic without too much modification.
Simply drilled 16th" holes in the solid parts of the flybar paddles, all stock otherwise.
This thing rocks now.
Much faster cyclic, funnels better, turns faster, can get the boom almost vert going to ff now.
Has anyone else tried this?

Durable sucker, 40 flights and only a broken a set of blade grips.

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This one was thinned as much as possible, with one hole bored almost all the way though the paddle near the tip. This flybar made things too crazy...

As I've posted in the various "mod" threads, cutting the swashplate arms will give you all the crazy "sideways" cyclic response without sacrificing basic stability in hovering and forward flight.

Shortening the flybar (while maintaining stock paddle size and weight) seemed to give better results than the one I lightened/thinned/drilled. I've since gone back to a bone-stock flybar.
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this is just what I was looking for!!!!! love it!!!!!!!! I'm trying to get this thing as snappy as possible. I want to do the swashplate mod but I rebuilt my sr today and got it all tuned up and I just wanted to have some more fun with my msr in the living room tonight Mission acomplished!!!!! great fun little mod.

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Check out the 'go to' thread in the sticky section if you haven’t already... I gathered a bunch of threads started by fellow freaks that I think you may find interesting and maybe helpful… Especially in the flybar department.
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