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500 Class Electric Helicopters 500 Class Electric Helicopters manufactured by Align, Tarot, SYMA, Airhog, Chaos, HK and similar.

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Default well if nascar doesnt turn right, i shouldn't have too either

Ok here's my delema. I haven't been flying all that long. Flying planks since about April, and heli only about 4 weeks. I bought my first 450 about a month ago, and cause of some sim time I picked it up pretty easy. hovering, no problem, by the 4th pack I was easily doing ff and figure eights. I can hover pretty comfortably in all 8 orientations, fly forwa,rd backwards, rolls, loops, starting to do tic tocs, stall turns, death spirals, and if I'm feeling really dumb I may give funnels a shot. Not everything is super pretty, but let's say I'm comfortable with the bird in the air.

So whats the problem you say.....

Just bought a 500(this hobby is sick) and...

I can't make a decent banking right turn to save my life. I can make a long fast low banking left turn all day long without even thinking about it. When I try long banking right turns I loose all forward speed, and the heli just basically pivots on its self instead of carrying through the turn with any decent momentum.

If I really concentrate and add extra right rudder I can get it to carry through, but it just doesnt lookbas natural as a left turn. I'm thinking maybe I'm just not inputting enough ruder, maybe because my finger is forced to stretch while putting right rudder?

I know because of gyroscopic forces our birds like to roll quicker one way faster, could that be adding to my problem?

Any ideas?

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Okay, you have only been flying helis for a month but your helifreak join date is feb 2008?
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Yea I've been lurking for a long time! lol

Actually I had a CX2 a long time ago, but that was it, My buddy had a Trex450 sa I believe, the one that was right before the v2 came out that I used to hover around, but never got any real flight time on.

Like I said, I had some sim time, I guess that's more like had 3 years or so... LOL

I was never financially stable to get into the hobby till recently, and boy did I jump in with both feet. A Hitec Aurora 9, I charger, a typhoon, 47" 3DHobby shop SHP, Trex450 Sport, and now a 500 later here I am.

The most used last words of males ages 16 to 30 "Hey watch this" To be old and wise, you must first be young and dumb.
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Default Turning

Well it sounds to me like you may have to look over the head set up and make sure everything is spot on Level. There are many Videos on this as well as this one.: I highly recommend watching this one maybe even twice so it really sinks in. Once you make sure that you have you heli and Radio set up correctly then it's time to try those turns again. What happens in a hover if you just add left aileron is it the same as right aileron as far as how it banks and slides in the right direction. ?? Maybe you don't have your radio set up right , You may have one direction of aileron turned down by mistake in the Limit menu of your radio. Same goes for the tail servo. Limits need to be set up right. Maybe you should check out a bunch of these videos and see if you can cram a bunch of knowledge in a short period of time to get you in the right direction. When setting your limits there is an arrow in both directions , move stick in on direction and see if it's the same as the opposite direction. Good luck let me know what you come up with. I'm sure it's not the pilot.
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I too had this very same problem. It was much more natural for me to bank left then right, My right turns were and still are a bit sloppy but there getting there. Practice practice! start by going from a hover and push forward and try to go right into a right banked turn back into a hover to, heli should be nose it, and do it again. This will allow you to get the stick motion and orientation down quickly, just keep doing it over and over again, eventually it will get boring and you can start to do consistent hurricanes of the heli doing a constant banking turn, at this point doing a FF right banking turn becomes easy.
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Default precession

I have problems with this too. I feel least comfortable seeing the right side of the heli, and it's awkward for me to make those right turns particularly from tail-in, around to nose-in.

Dunno if this is will help or not, but rolling right does tend to make the nose rise, killing forward speed. If you add just a little forward cyclic and a little collective while rolling in, you can counter this tendency and enter the turn stable.

I've done this successfully, but not consistently.

On a left turn, it seems to be ok to lead with the tail (by which I mean applying rudder input early and or too much, so that the tail swings a bit wide), but on a right turn, that kills the heli speed. I don't know why -- seems like it should be the opposite.
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on my 500, i,ve never noticed a difference with left or right turns. i,ve gotten in a habit of flying landing approaches to the runway just like a plank
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