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450 Class Electric Helicopters 450 Class Electric Helicopters manufactured by Align, Tarot, SYMA, Airhog, Chaos, HK and similar.

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Default Fly? yes you can

Not wanting to put the kiss of death on me but, after 5 packs i got into a nice controlled hover in my living room. I did start radds's lessons but eagerness got the better of me and up it went (without training gear). This heli really is stable and nice to control. So for anyone out there who like me had never flown a heli before let alone build one, take it from me the trex 450 is ideal for a beginner. Just take time in building it and setting up. Radds lessons are also very good and i will continue using them even though i cheated. Would also like to thank Finless for making the vids on setting up without them i would have been stuffed..

What a great hobby (till the first crash)
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we hooked another one.
just keep at it.
dont fear the first crash embrace it.
crashing is part of learning.
just stock up on spare parts so you can be back in the air quicker.
soon enough you will look forward to the heart pounding cold sweats
that you get when you try new stuff
welcome to the freak there is no turning back now :mrgreen:
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This is the second time I have heard of Radds lessons. I am jsut wondering what Radds lessons are. Can anyone let me know?
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Click and ye shall be enlightened:
Radd's School of Rotary Flight

No helicopters were harmed in the creation of this post.
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