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Default 330x strange wobble

I have a 330x with scorpion motors and 10 amp speed controls, my problem is when I'm flying fast foward and go into a fast forward banked turn the 330 gets a wobble in it like a glitch for a second, and was wondering if anybody else has this on theirs, and what they did to correct it.
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have you tried lowering the gain some? It still may be a bit high for when its loaded.Even though it holds on hover well.
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This may be a stupid question but do you have it in cruise or hover mode? In hover mode I believe it is more aggressive in trying to correct itself.

If you are in cruise, which works best anyway, then you may need to reduce your gain a bit.

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I tried adjusting the gains in both cruise and hover mode with no effect. My buddy just got a 330x and his does the same thing, and even has a little wobble in fast forward once in a while like a fast glitch. We are both flying using 2 motors for the front end of the 330, I might adjust the gyro for just one motor being the front end to see if it is any better.
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