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Default Those with turnigy 50W Accucel-6 charger inside please.

Just recieved my Turnigy A6 charger today and found that my thunder power 2200 balance port will not fit any of the balance ports on the A6.
What balance adapters are you guys using.. recommend?

Also my 12v 5a power supply that I have for my eflite charger will not fit the input port, the middle prong is too fat on the A6. What power supplies are you using?

I am thinking about just putting a male/female type plug on the end of my power supply so that I can just swap different end
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Edit,,thunder power has a completly different balance board..typical is JST.its just like Hyperion is their own as well,but all usually plug into any charger ? Sux if yur saying yurs won't. I use all three that I mentioned above on my Hyperion charger and they just snap right on
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You just need to find the right balance board for your batteries. This should then plug right into the charger. The cable from the charger to the board is usually a generic one. It's the adapter board that varies for different brands of batteries.

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