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Default Thoughts on the logo sizes - 500 -> 600 se

I've got a logo 600 se (sig) and love it.

Also got a logo 600 up and running with edge 603 fbl blades , then put the 623 maniacs on.

So i got to thinking about it. Seems to me the 600 with 623mm blades and the 600se don't seem all that far apart. The se does things a bit smoother of course and the 600 has some more spunk to it.

I wonder if the difference between a 600 and 600se is worth the cost.

Then i got to thinking of cutting the boom down to a 500 spec and run it as a 500 (600 head and 25mm boom).
I've been told the 500 power to weight ratio is very good and very few helis can match it.
Is it safe to assume the 500 as compared to a 600se would be a totally different heli ?
If thats the case then it might be a better use of funds.

I've also been told that the maniac 623mm blades and vbar 5.0 dont get along well , I have the ability to get some edge 623 fbl blades and i assume they work well with 5.0 ?

thoughts and input welcome.

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You could slap some 553 blades on your L600 and see how it flys. Watch out for amps, not sure what esc using.

That should give you a understanding about smaller blades on it. I hear there is not that much difference. Check CG. You dont even have to size down the tail for a quick test.

Not sure if bird will be to heavy for 553's.
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Martin the 623mm Edge FBL fly alot better then the maniacs now days for sure!

You can do a mod down to a 500 as you said for sure it's no biggie, but I think your good where your at! The 700 Logo is not that far away, maybe you want to just chill?
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