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450 Class Electric Helicopters 450 Class Electric Helicopters manufactured by Align, Tarot, SYMA, Airhog, Chaos, HK and similar.

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I am finishing up on my Trex 450 Sport v3 install.

I want a clean install, so when the canopy is on you see minimal wires. I want to know if anyone has mounted the ESC under the battery tray? If so can you post pictures.

Also what orientation should the motor wires be. The book has them coming out of the top pointing to the back of the heli. If I mount it under the battery tray, then would I need to move the wires to come out of the front?

Thank you.
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That's how I have mine mounted. The ESC is under the battery tray and secured with a piece of sticky tape and a zip tie. I cut a little slit in the sticky velcro pad for the battery on the top of the tray so the zip tie could sit on the plastic and the battery could sit on the velcro pad flush.

The battery wires are coming out the front of the ESC and hang loose, the motor wires come out the back, but I have them looped around to the front and secured under the zip tie so they could then loop back again and meet the motor wires without binding. This does press your motor wires up against the ESC's heat sink, but after feeling the heat on the ESC after several flights, I'm not really worried about this; it never feels anywhere near to hot enough to melt anything or cause any problems.

I have no idea if this is the "ideal" way to do this, others may have better methods, as its also the first 450 I've built; but it seems to work fine. It is worth noting that once I had it set up like this the CoG was slightly nose heavy, even with the battery as far back as it would go. I had to add a small amount of weight (about 2g) to the tail to get my Sport to balance out right.

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I have my esc mounted on the bottom frame with a V2 Anti-taco device. Click on left picture to go to photo album. Motor wires coming out the front and battery wire coming out of the back.

On my 500, I have the esc mounted under the battery tray with motor wires coming out the front and looping back to the motor and battery wires coming out of the top and loop forward and over to the side to make battery connection. Battery orientation is with battery wires on the bottom coming up along side the battery to mate with esc battery connector.
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