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Default new velo 50 owner with a gearquestion

hi all
i have recently bought a second hand velo 50 after wanting one for what seems like forever.
stripped the heli down and given it a massive bearings where needed and the like.
put a rossi 57 in it and using the 129t main question is, what benefits is there to running the 132t gear and would i have to change my engine pinion.only asking as i bought the 132t and i is around 2mm bigger in diameter than the to fit it i would need either a bigger pinion or to move the engine and clutch forward 2mm.
any advice is greatly appreciated
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Greg Alderman
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Tom, My Velocity 50 is still running the prototype frames and they do not have slots...but I am pretty sure the production frames have the clutch bell and engine mount frame hole "enlongated" to allow movement back and forth.

If they do can just pull your engine and clutch bell bearing block out and elongate any holes to allow you to slide the motor mount and clutch bell bearing block to get the proper gear mesh...

As for the benefits...I guess that would depend on the headspeed you are wanting to run and what RPM the motor needs to be to be into it's powerband. I have not ran the Nova Rossi and have no idea what RPM it likes to run on...maybe someone else can chime in if the Novi Rossi likes the 8.8 ratio over the 8.6 ratio...going to 132T (8.8 ratio) of course is going to speed up engine RPM for a given say a 2200HS on 8.6 ratio is 18920RPM on motor and with 8.8 ratio is 19360 motor RPM...
Greg Alderman
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Cheers for that velo does not have slots for the engine and clutch bearing just holes.will see how it flys on the stock gear and file the holes out if need be for the 132t gear.
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Even the 1st batch of pre-order kits had slotted holes, how is it possible that yours does not? I can't imagine that more than a handful of kits in public hands could pre-date that.
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