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Default Need Help

I'm new to RC Helicopters and picked up a used Axe CP. It has a brushless motor upgrade and a brushless motor ESC. However it is not wired up. I am having a hard figuring out how this thing is to be wired up. Where does everything plug in, Receiver, ESC, brushless ECS,etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. A clear diagram or picture showing all the connections. Thanks.
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Well, there's 3 versions of the axe cp, the original cp, the cpl and the cpv3. Each have slight differences. I used to have the cpv3 and serveral people have done upgrades to brushless or even put in full separates for the electronics like a true rc heli. Not too many pilots have done this, as you would be better off buying a better hobby grade heli for what you would spend on upgrades and headaches.

Don't let that deter you. I used to have some knowledge about how to do the upgrades, but I forget how at this exact moment. You can get some basic wire diagrams from the helimax site, but you have to look thoroughly.
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