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Default Out of production already??

Went to go pick up a set of the non-bullet blades and when I got there they were out. As I was lookin through the box the guy said if they didn't have the part it will be a while before the got it in because they were taken out of production because of all the problems. Any one else hear this or can conferm it? If so and a new redesign comes out what happens to those of us early adopters, will we get replacements, upgrades, or are we going to be left out on our own. Can someone please confirm this.
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Only the grips were redesigned, they're due in about a week or so, some shops have pulled them until the grips arrive so they can install the new grips on all the heli kits. It's likely a misunderstanding or just a rumor he heard but the last official word from HH was about the grips but I could be wrong.
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Oh, I wouldn't worry about them actually being out of production. I don't think that's true. What he might have meant is just that Horizon is holding off on shipping anything more until they've replaced all the blade grips in the warehouse stock they have with the new blade grips. I think some shops have sent back their stock to have the blade grips changed out, and others haven't.

Some of the online retailers that are out of them right now say they'll be getting more in late April.

As for parts, it might be that some retailers just sent everything back (parts, helis and all) while Horizon figured out the blade grip situation. I don't know - I'm sure it varies a lot from shop to shop. But I'm sure it's just temporary - they're not going to give up on a heli that's potentially this profitable for them. Everybody wants one.
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