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Default 2 different size d3013 blue arrow servos

I finally installed the 3 blue arrow d3013 cyclics in my xtreme frame tonight. I used silicone and while trying to put the brackets back on noticed one was slightly longer and a hair taller making it difficult to get the screw holes to line up on that side. The bigger one also has the wire coming out the very bottom of the servo vs out the edge. Does it matter that one is different and why would it be different? Possibly a mislabeled servo, or newer version? I put it up front for the elevator servo.
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i think it will be ok...

mine were all the same size. weird one was different. must have been a different batch run, then they changed it some.

I have had a few of these that were' dead on arrival'. the ones I installed that worked are still fine.
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As far as I can remember, the BA servos have a transparent rubber band around the servo, keeping upper and lower parts together. It may well be that the larger servo does not have the upper and lower parts completely against each other. Worth a look.
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I'll see if I can get a clear photo of them later tonight. But it's like the bottom cap is different from the other two. The wire feeds out of a different location and the cap looks bigger. I'm just going to use it until I kill the servo as long as it doesn't mess up flight. I don't want to wait another 4 weeks for more servos.
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