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mCP X Brushless Mods Blade Micro CPx Brushless Mods and Conversions

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Originally Posted by so-fly View Post


Materials needed:
2MM Carbon Rod
Dremel with cut off wheel or Xacto Knife
Sand paper
CA glue
Stock MCPX tail assembly

Step One - Remove the old carbon tube from the assembly (make sure not to damage the wires when doing so) then place the tail motor with the holder off to the side

Step Two – Measure the new Carbon rod to your desired length (approx. 1-1.5 inch longer than stock) Proceed to cutting the rod with either the dremel or Xacto knife

Step Three – Once your desired length is cut you can then cut a flat on the side of the rod like the original one. This is done by placing a piece of sand paper on a flat table edge and sanding the side of the rod to get that flat. A alternative is to cut into the rod with an Xacto about .5MM and then using the knife again splice the rod to that cut you just made.

Step Four – Place the new rod back into the frame with the notch facing downwards, once this is done you can reinstall the tail motor. Be sure to turn the motor to where its 90 degrees with the main shaft. Once desired position is set, place a dab of CA glue to secure it *optional*

Step Five – Wrap the wire around the Carbon rod and plug it back into the Main board.



This mod is mainly for those who is still having a hard time managing collective or would like to take away some of the bogging.

Materials Needed:
Xacto Knife
A metal straight edge
Sand paper

Step One – Measure Approx 5 degrees starting from the inside of the blades along the trailing edge outwards using the straight edge and mark it

Step Two – Make sure you have a firm press against the blade with the straight edge and proceed to making cuts with the Xacto. No major pressure is needed when cutting.

Step Three – Break the trailing edge with your hands, it should snap off like a piece of styrene.

Step Four - Sand down the bottom side of the blades to get that air foil back to a nice edge

Straight cut shown but it’s the same concept.


This Mod isn’t for beginners or those who aren’t familiar with a soldering iron/electronics

Materials Needed

Soldering Iron
Brushless ESC of your choice
Brushless Motor of your choice
Brushed to Brushless Signal Converter if your ESC isn’t equipped with one

I am using the following equipment pictured:

Novus CP Brushless System PN: HMXG8015
Extreme Production Convertor PN: EA-048
Stock 8T pinion

The Following Generic Schematic should get you moving, there’s so many possibilities out there for a brushless setup so this will get the ball rolling.
Single Lipo
Using Two Lipos (helps with tail holding, but a killer on weight)

Once everything is wired up and tested working proceed to modifying the main frame. Depending on what kind of motor you are using, make sure you have a basic idea of how it would fit within the frame. The following is an example of how the Novus CP can was mounted.

Throttle curve should be turned down to match your desired head speed or else the tail will not hold. Flight times will vary depending on what you are using.

Enjoy and Post up new/better power systems!


This is a tail heavy mod and probably isn’t going to benefit you if you are using a stock setup otherwise. This was done because of the Brushless System creating too much torque for the stock tail to handle and a setup consisting of two lipos.

Materials Needed:
SR120 Tail Motor
SR120 Tail Blade
SR120 Tail Boom assembly
2MM Carbon Rod

Step One - Create a EXTENDED TAIL BOOM, I recommend a solid rod to prevent breaking.

Step Two - Break away the SR120 tail boom tube and remove the wires leaving just the holder. Make sure the wire isn’t damaged during the process.

Step Three – With the extended tail boom mounted onto the frame, use some epoxy and install the SR120 tail motor housing onto the extended tail boom. Be sure that it is 90 degrees to the main shaft.

Step Four – Once the epoxy has cured, proceed to installing the tail motor and tail blade assembly onto the holder. Wrap the wire around the boom and plug it into the main board like the old one did.



This mod is just how I added an additional battery mount which helped balance out the COG with the heavy tail.

Materials Needed:

Extra or broken landing gear
Xacto or Dremel to cut with.
Sand paper

Start by cutting out the battery tray from donor landing gear.
Scuff up the bottom flat side with sandpaper to let the epoxy bond with it
Then just epoxy the piece and let dry

Just an idea of what it moves like in 25mph winds with these upgrades

Sticky it Bob! Any other additional info that we come up with I'll continue to add so it'll keep everything on one page. Thanks to everyone that contributed these unique upgrades
i use files also.. just leaves a mess on your hands but better than a cloud of carbon dust smuthering you...lolgreat post man!
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you could just take the pins out of the little plug all you need is a steady hand and a razor blade or a small screw driver and bend the plastic tabs up and the tiny pins slide right out and then you could slide it through the carbon tube! i thing im gonna switch to the tube so thre tail boom breaks in a hard crash because mine broke my whole rear section of my frame friend -epoxy
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Well I ordered up some 2mm carbon fiber rod earlier this week and it came in the mail today. Good thing because half hour before the mail came I had a tail in crash that broke the original. I extended it 1.25" from the original length of 125mm, I cut the new one to155mm. Thanks for the help!!!!
Click image for larger version

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Originally Posted by so-fly View Post
I was running two stock lipos, I'll get a test flight with a single lipo and maintained headspeed to show the difference

I am curious about this.

EDIT - never mind I've just taken a look at the wiring diagram and realised you only use 2 batteries because you've done a custom brushless setup.
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Recently got a mcpx and looking to convert to brushless, the thing is the parts are out of stock at most vendors, so far found a oversky xp7a and xp12a on ebay also a hp05s..wich esc would be better..since the usb flasher is also out of stock my questuon is who offers a flashing or a esc install service?
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Default mcpx mods

I am a very happy mcpx dbl bl flyer. 2 @ HP06 monsters and two Black Dragon BD-14s bl tails on all.

My advice:
Buy a whole deal from Dylan at AD. It may take a while but you will get a whole heli back that flies. 2 1/2 years ago I sent him V1 board, servos, MH frame and little more. He sent me back a beauty. Also I sent him an mcpx wth a stock frame and got back a wonderful, lightweight machine with the BD-14 main and HP03 tail. It took him a while to build them for me but I have been enjoying these little helis quite a while now.

His work on mounting boards and running trigger wires is worth the wait. It won't crash apart. For instance he routes the trigger wires through the board - not around. He upgrades wires and does a ton of little things that you probably won't learn about on your own.

I asked Dylan for the best and lightest. He delivered. He is not fast. Be patient. If you start to build on your own right now at the same time you send time a heli to mod I would bet that he'll get you one flying super before you can..

My set ups:

I have a pair with V1 boards, HP06 and XP12a main with flash plug an H03 and XP3a tail with a Plantraco Tractor prop, A MH CF frame, AD adapter for RK tail boom holder, RK tail boom holder, AD boom braces and bottom bracket, AD tail motor mount, 4mm short solid CF mainshaft, reversed servos, BL grips with Align 150 blades. I like 450 mah 65 C Nanotechs [ I split apart a 2S cell ]. Insane power and about 60 grams RTF.

I have two BD-14s (Matt Bockman's Black Dragon), V1s also, They use plastic Blade frames. AD CF bl kit parts, cage braces, frame braces, tail boom braces, tail motor mount and fin, HP03 / XP3a with flash plugs. An XP7a with flash plug controls one of these and a dbl FET XP3a controls the other BD-14. Mcpx BL grips and BL blades on these.The mainshafts are also 4mm short on these.Stock canopies and skids. Good power at 51 grams with battery.

I have waited weeks / months for him to fix me up and looking back after playing with these quality toys for years now that wait time seems like nothing.

As far as I know there is not much out there that compares with the HP06 machines.
Good luck and happy landings.
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Already sent him a pm, but the parts are out of stock on his web site, I don't mind waiting also I prefer that route and have it done by a pro. Thanks for the review.
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