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Angry Please help can't update Phoenix Sim...


I am currently running the Phoenix Sim 3.0p and when trying to use the update feature it looks like it downloads and then asks me to install. After I click the install button, nothing really happens and then the sim restarts with the same version. I've been at this a few hours and I'm hoping someone else has been through this.

Any and all help / suggestions are welcome at this point.

I'm running the software with Win 7 Home Premium via Bootcamp on a MacBook Air with 4GB of Ram. The sim itself runs fine, but I cannot update the version or any of the flying sites, planes, or helicopters.

I was also looking on the Phoenix Sim website for an email address for support and couldn't find it. If you have that but don't have the answer to my question above, I'd appreciate you sharing.

Thanks in advance...
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Hello! You're in luck. I just figured out this issue myself. What happens is that your Win 7 permission is preventing Phoenix to actually write/alter files to the location of your sim installation.

The fix is to run the sim in "administrator mode".

Here's what you do:
1) Allow Phoenix to download the updates. Once it finishes downloading and asks you to "Install". Don't. Exit Phoenix instead.
2) Click on Start -> All Programs -> PhoenixRC. RIGHT CLICK "Install updates manually" and select "Run as administrator".

You should see that the bars will be moving now and updates will have been applied by the next time you run PhoenixRC.
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Default Thank you!

I'm so glad I posted that and you responded. You hit the nail correctly on the head. Now if I can learn to fly as easily.

Thank you again....

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Old 05-22-2011, 11:30 PM   #4
Rod Cole
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I have the same problem except I am using Windows 7 Ultimate on VMWare Fusion.

I allowed Phoenix to download two updates, q and r, did not press the Install button, exited Phoenix, located Install Update Manually, right clicked and ran as administrator.

Phoenix reports no updates to install.

I do not find any update files in my download folder.

Any ideas?

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Old 05-31-2011, 12:58 AM   #5
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Actually you have to click "install" and when prompted "do you want to complete installation" click "cancel" and close phoenix. Then you can go to "Start" > "All Programs" > Phoenix rc > etc...etc. Hope this help.
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Old 07-16-2011, 07:35 AM   #6
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Default help

my problem is after i installed the phoenix, several times, i cant find the phoenix folder in the all programs.... im using windows7 home premium... where can i find the install updates manually? anyone?

PS. i have no problem with updating and installing directly coz its showing the model.. i just want to know how to update offline because we can download the files from the site and we can update it offline, the problem is that the phoenix folder is not showing in the "all programs",,,
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Old 08-02-2012, 04:02 PM   #7
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Claude you are awsome been fighting this thing for 2 days then I searched and saw your post worked great. Thanks
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Sorry to just jump in now but just came across this thread a moment ago. How does one allow Phoenix to download the updates?

Thanks for the help!!
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