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Default OUTRAGE TORQ BL9188 & JR G770 Gyro


I'm in the process of fully converting a 700 to 8v (had TH & TAIL on a regulator prior) and before mounting the two new servos, the BL9188 for the tail and a DS610 for throttle, i thought i'd just plug them in to test. The BL9188 doesn't seem to function. Now it could be the fact i have it plugged into a JR G770.... or something else.

I can't seem to find anywhere if the 770 is 2S capable. Manual only states up to 6v. WHich seems strange as i thought for sure it could take an 8v setup. Either way i'd like to ask...

is anyone running the TORQ BL9188 on a JR G770 3D successfully... and is that on 6 or 8v?

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The BL9188 is a narrow pulse width servo (760us). Unfortunatly the JR G770 does not support this pulse width configuration.

There are several top line gyros which are both 8v compatible and support narrow pulse width servos.

Hope this helps
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Thanks for the confirmation Andrew. I thought this was the case. Thankfully i found a 2nd hand Spartan DS760 for sale. Should do the trick.
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