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Rick Dizzle
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Default Castle ESC set up?

So I have my Castle ESC all programmed per the recommendations on Castle's site. (Trex 700) I know I have to calibrate the throttle, any thing else I need to do to ensure that this thing is set up right before the maiden? Just never had a castle ESC and want to ensure that I got it all right. Thanks!
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#1) don't use out runner mode for PWM. Use either 8 or 12 kHz.

You don't say if this is an ICE or not. If it is, select temperature, volts, amps, and "% Power out" to monitor. 5 Hz is ok. Also clear the ESC memory out, it may have junk in it from the factory.

I know I would select 5 V for the BEC output, at least at first until I could see how the ESC temp was running.
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I suspect if it is for a 700, it is a HV Ice, which does not have a BEC.

Also choose a nice slow start to begin with. Depending on your main gear & motor setup, you may want to slow the rate of change of headspeed a little to reduce the chances of stripping a gear. Are you planning to run governor mode ? Check that it is in heli mode with the brake etc off. Also look at your cutoffs - I usually run a soft cutoff at about 3.2V per cell.

Most other settings can be adjusted to taste as you get the hang of it.

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If you want to use auto rotate after initially calibrating throttle end points, it is highly recommended to recal them after enabling autorotate. This provides a window between 1-5% throttle, that allows you to use thold and have the heli spool up in head speed change rate mode on an auto bailout, instead of spooling up at the initial spoolup(slow) rate.
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