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Default O.S. 50 not starting!!!!!!!!!

I am having a problem with my Heli engine not starting and don't know why. I have a great new glow plug that is glowing like no other, fresh fresh fuel, not flooded at all, and have 1.5 turns out on my adjustment screw. My heli was running awesome and I mean awesome, took not even a second to start it, and all the sudden it died in mid air and had to auto to land it in the street. I tried to start it again with no luck so I pulled the glow plug and plugged it in, and the glow plug was surely burnt out with no glow at all, so I replaced with Traxxis #3, guy at the hobby shop said it would work with extra washer due to its longness, and no luck. I gave up on the traxxis and put in a O.S. #8 that glows like a fireball. Its getting great fuel, great glow, and have good settings (as far as I know) on the carb. This is the first problem I have had, every time has fired right up no questions asked. I am getting a little frustrated with this issue and dont understand why it wont even act like its wanting to fire up after running so good. Not to mention the fact that it died in mid air and the glow plug was bad so a person should thing, "hmm, new glow plug and it will fire like new again".... apparently wrong again, turned that thing over seemed like 5,000 times and didn't even act like it wanted to fire when before fired right up within seconds no questions asked. I have only ran maybe a gallon and a half in this engine so is barely broke in and virtually brand new so I shouldn't have any problems. Please help.
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Do you still have compression in your engine? Is it hard or easy to rotate the starter shaft?

I had the same thing happen to me last weekend. Flying and then engine die and auto down. I looked at the old plug (greg dry color),it was ran real lean. Crossed my fingers and installed new plug and it did not start. Check for compression by rotating the starter shaft and it was free turning . Came home and took engine apart, I have blown the engine. Need piston, ring and sleeve .

Btw, this is under the wrong section.
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