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Default How much Expo do you use?

Just wana know how much do you use? I don't know if it's a crutch?? but if one can fly better, why not use it, right?
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I have a switch to change my expo if I ever thought I needed it, but so far I have never used any at all. I may add some to my 450 pro, but I have yet to use it on my Protos.
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Completely personal taste. Some feel it tames down a twitchy heli, some feel it makes things mushy.

Give it a try, start at 20 percent on the cyclics. Your helicopter wont explode.

Use about 25 percent on cyclics and around 35 percent on rudder (it keeps me from moving the tail around during tick tocs and whatnot)
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Don't worry about it, it is not a crutch, as others have said it is personal preference. For me it varies from Heli to Heli, on one I run 20% another 30%, I just tune it till it feels good.

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I use 20% expo and that seems to me to be just enough to uncouple the sticks from each other for me. You don't have to be quite as perfect with your stick movements and still not have interaction.
What ever works best for you is good.
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