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Default Assist on setup

Could someone help me with some set up procedures for this old bird ??
I purchased this thing brand new 11 years ago . I built the entire aircraft and the thing never would fly correctly . So I parked it and recently was introduced to a couple guys that fly helis and would'nt you know it i'm involved again . This time with some more understanding . Anyhow i'll cut the bullshitting out and get on with my questions .

I set the rear tail rotor up , pitch slider center of the shaft . Servo set at full travel . Now , when I left stick the rudder I have full travel . When I let off full left stick the slider isn't coming back to dead center . When I right stick the rudder it is coming back to dead center of the shaft . The issue w/ left stick is about and 1/8 " . I don't understand wth is going on . If I full left stick the rudder and let off the stick , bump it to the right it is sitting at dead center . I don't see any binding of the linkage anywhere . Hell I don't even know if i'm setting the rudder up correctly or not . Help anyone ????
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What heli...what radio...what servo's please.
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Which gyro are you using ?, souns to me that you are in heading hold and not in rate mode, take out all the numbers in the gyro menu and leave everything in 0 to make sure that the tr servo zero back if it does not then your servo or gyro may be out or your hacving some binding.
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