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Default How to convert raptor 50 to electric

Hi guys I got a scorpion hk 4025 1100 kv is it enough? Do I just need to put this motor and esc to make it flight?
Is it that simply?
Please help
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You'll need the conversion kit to mount the motor and take away the clutch. For example ...

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if you search this forum under my name I posted a parts list that is needed to convert a titan 50 to electric. I think it was about $35.00 worth of parts if you use the aluminum lower frames.
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There is a video on you tube (i think, saw it some time ago now) with a guy who built a mount that still allowed use of his clutch with an electric motor. The spool up was SOOOO nice, no sudden 'snap, we're away', just a nice steady engage as per what you get off a nitro motor.
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Would this Motor and esc good for the conversation?
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hi. for what i think. hobbyking offer low price part. i dont mind using there stuff on a rc car and aircraft. but for an heli i would suggest you to stick to good brand stuff soo your sure of the quality. an heli dont glide like an aircraft went the esc or motor burn out.. stick with ace stuff or what i use, scorpion motor and castel creation esc. hacker motor are really good too. or buy a align motor!!! with a castel esc. this is a combination that work very good too. have fun.
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Default raptor 30 hacker conversion

im running a hacker c50 12xl with castle 100 esc on 8s ,it has a 90 degree conversion.the motor is starting to demagnetize so Im sending it in for repair,I may not put it back together and If i dont I would sell the airframe if anyone is interested.
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