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Default hc3 sx how good id it, not much word on it here

So is it really not prone to vibes,???

I have 2 working sk720, most sensitive fbl on the market, works great
I own 3 sk720, setup and flown with sk720, all with
super low vibe levels.
For about a year now. Im all good there. I have about 15 fbl helis setup successfully
since then.

Beastx is flying freaking awesome in the heli a sk720 would not .(nothing chaged)

I miss the sl, so anyone wana tell me the deal on the hc3 sx?

How does it fly?, can it handle reasonable vibration, less than 7 on a scale off
vibration/acceleration m/s ^2

Ill give it a try if I can see some posts about the hc3 sx around
I would love to get into a upcoming contender in the fbl revolution.

They claim it will never shut of the self level.

Anyone using this next gen fbl unit;(I know its been out for a while)
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Might pay a visit to the "lab" for some answers...


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I'm using the HC3-SX as well HC3-X systems on my 3d machines.

I have used it in some high vibration environments with out any issues. The system has a very wide range of use. There are some locals here using it for Aerial Photography and then there is a bunch of guys using it for sport flying as well as hard 3d.

The unit was also used at the Ircha Speed Cup placing 1st on Danny Melnik's machine. The only thing I think this flybarless system is missing is a vibration analyzer. Other than that it pretty much has everything you need, it is capable of Futaba S.bus or Spektrum Satalite receivers.

Also the rescue mode is pretty slick! It really surprises me that more don't fly this unit, it is becoming more popular here in the US though.

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I'm just a Sunday Hoverer with a Sport FB but I'm using the HC3-SX. I am using it with two remote receivers and it is a very clean installation without having to have a separate receiver or tail gyro. It hasn't let me down yet.
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