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Default Swash Plate shifting

I have just built a Lepton EX. I have it hovering fairly smooth in Normal mode. When I switch to S1 or S2, the swash plate shifts (as in right aileron) just a bit throwing off the trim. Can anyone tell me why that would happen? I just made sure I have all sub-trim at 0's.
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You may have to level your swash plate while in idle up you do this by

1.disconnect your motor wires
2.turn on transmitter and set your (end points/travel adjust) to 100 in both directions
3.Set all trims to zero
4.remove head assembly leaving swash plate attached to the servo ball links
5.Install swash plate leveler
6.power up helicopter leaving motor wires disconnected
7.set throttle to mid stick and check the level if it is not level adjust the links until swash
plate is level
8.check swash plate from mid stick to high stick and down to low stick the plate should
remain level through out the travel range if it does not remain level go into your travel
adjust or end point menu and adjust the values until level when the swash plate is at
high stick and also when at low stick
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