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Default terminolgy or am i doing wrong DIR

Ok guys need some clarification..when you guys say u dial in 14 degrees pf pitch in die what does that mean..i go threw DIR but i dont set no special pitch swash is picy is about 14 +- is the way i set the bird what am i miosiiing here ...are u guys doing any thing specially in DIR..can some one explain...if i go thre dir this is what i do..
Plug in batter and hold down set while it powers up

Mke sur my collective is good..up dpwn a few times..the i go on to hit set again an go into elevator e....tilt swash forward for a few..back,,then hit set...make sure swash responds the way it should then do same for i missing sothing
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you just need to set the pitch curve on your Tx which it doesn't really tell you in the manual. I set mine so that in Normal flying mode it's 48,49,50,75,100 and 0,25,50,75,100 in idle up but throttle should be at 50% for DIR setup. After you have set the basic collective, go into swash mix and adjust aileron so they are also 10, the 3GX will automatically set the elevator.

mind you, I haven't flown mine yet- still waiting for good weather. So I can't say for sure my settings are right, there are bound to be better settings, but what's important is that you understand what order to do things in. check out daneger21, he has done some good videos on DIR set up with the 3gx.
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I don't know what radio you have but this is for a dx7

go into the radio setup find swash mix

it will look like


the signs may differ on yours.
adjust PIT higher or lower while measuring the pitch until you get want you want.

do the same for AILE and ELEV
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