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Default Hover Training.

I just checked out the training part in phoenix. The hovering part to be exact. How accurate is it to the real thing? Also how sensitive are these things? It seems like I barely touch the sticks and it overdoes everything. I am using a dx6i on it trying to learn to fly my b450 !!
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Me personally, I found the sim harder to learn hovering then actually flying one. I spent a winter doing my hovering in all directions on the sim and went to the field after getting over the scare of this thing can kill me it was easier. But you got to keep a couple things in mind I had expo on so it's not so sensitive to center on my heli. But other then that nothing else was really different. Practice practice you will get it and with some dedications I am sure you will be really good at it.
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Try flying something bigger and less sensitive, like a Trex-700, just to get the basic feel down. You could also try slowing down the sim speed a little, like to 75% or so, until you learn how much to move the sticks, and learn to lead the heli, rather than reacting to it. It takes time and practice.

One thing, though... if you do slow down the sim, be sure to practice at real speed (100%) before you try a real heli outside the sim. Practicing at slow speed messes up my timing so much that I can't fly a real heli at all for a few minutes.

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