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450 Class Electric Helicopters 450 Class Electric Helicopters manufactured by Align, Tarot, SYMA, Airhog, Chaos, HK and similar.

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Default What's Wrong with the 450SA ?

I have a 450SA pecking through the egg, and have seen some posts in other groups with some short statements about some unspecified quality problem with the 450SA. Well, mine is one HUGE step up from my 2 Walkera 36's. It is very nicely made, all parts fit tightly, but move freely, saying no slop here. The RTF DF36 is $180, the 450SA ARF is $200, so the 36 needs some improvements. Well, it gave me the confidence I need to fly the more expensive and NICE 450SA without too much worry, so I still like the 36 and would send a newb to it, that is if they can afford to upgrade the radio which will be needed for the next step anyway. Well, maybe with the radio, servo, gyro upgrade being mandatory, we may as well start with the 450-something.
The parts count is very low on the 450SA , without a bunch of rods and levers everywhere. It is sort of like a big Century 3D pro or Honey Bee King. Minimum parts = minimum wear maintenance. Weight can be changed for other options.
Well, what's wrong with it ?

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M Carr
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nothing wrong with mine either. I have over 100 flights on it and still going strong.

Only parts that have broke are the ones that hit the ground when I crash ....
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SA is a nice heli.

The SE is a better heli and costs more.

The SA uses aluminum frames that can bend. The SE uses carbon fiber that can break, but normally it flexes and comes back unless you hit really hard, and either heli will be toast at that point.

SA has plastic head parts, SE has metal. Metal parts cost more, but break less. Plastic head "normal" crash will take out main shaft, spindle/feathering shaft, blades and balde grips. Metal will do the same, EXCEPT the blade grips will survive. Again in a VERY bad crsh you can damage the metal grips, and they will cost more to replace, but in the meantime you will have replaced LOTS of plastic grips on lesser crashes.

Both pretty much fly the same, with the metal head being a bit tighter.

Great news, as you break parts on your SA, you can replace with SE parts and end up with a full metal head and tail.

Some tips, watch the Finless videos on setup, watch them several times, then do the setup as you watch them, pausing to do each step. People THINK they remember the steps and then do things out of order. You want to watch CCPM 1 and 2, Throttle/Pitch Curves, and Tail setup.

Tech Model Products carries nice wooden blades at $28 for 3 sets of blades. So compared to the Align wood baldes, 3 sets fro the price of 2. DO NOT fly the Align "carbon" baldes if a set came with your kit.

Higher headspeed is good. If you get too low you will have various problems.

Get an rdlohr (here on the Freak) under boom gyro mount, BEFORE you smack the gyro with a flybar duign a crash. His fins are also more durable than the stock ones.

Get an Elfiernz (also here on the Freak) lipo alarm. Cheaper than destroying on pack. I fly with timer AND lipo alarm. The lipo alarm has saved a couple of packs, when I had timer problems (mainly operator error).

Both guys make nice products and are nice guys.
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I have the trex s cf heli and I was wondering why you recomend?

DO NOT fly the Align "carbon" baldes if a set came with your kit.

Is there some defect or something?
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1. Stay off RC Groups. IF it's not a cheap POS heli or maxed out newbz naysay the heck out of it.
2. Every model and construction type has advantages and disadvantages. Those on the SA have been pointed out. Not everyone can afford to step into an SE model first time out. SA is fine just know that each small mishap will likely require a few exta parts to be replaced over the SE. It's really not a big deal IMHO. When you can afford to upgrade pieces/parts to metal you can.
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My SA is great I love it, but I never would have been able to fly it without the help of all the freaks here. Thanks.
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I love my SA. It flew fine out of the box but I decided to upgrade a few things to aluminum as they broke. If I did it all over agian I would most likely go for an SE, but the convenience of a an ARF is definitely a plus.
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got a sa but everone has the blue bling and i wanted something different so as im crashing - sometimes on purpose to get more parts!- im getting the aluminum bling, but in purple!
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I can't wait to get airborne, cuz when I do, crashes are inevitable, and crashes means new upgrades and bling :mrgreen:
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