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Default What's the best way to break in an EVO 20 6s1p?

Hello all,

I'm still in the hovering phase, and so far have not left normal mode with a stock 600CF, headspeed 1750.

I've flown 6 packs so far, and by that I mean 4min flights, after which I've put between 1100-1400mAh back into the pack at 3amps. So- drawing out about a quarter of the EVO's charge and replacing it at less than 1C takes 40 min or so. As you can imagine, this is gettin' kinda old, since I've only one battery right now......

How long do I continue this? What steps do you take from here to insure the best life from the pack? When can I go up to 1C? Can I ever safely exceed 1C for a charge? When can I up my flight times/pack discharge percentage?

I'm using a Shulze isl6330, thru a Vbalance balancer for all charges.

Thanks yall
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