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Default mcpx-not sure about it

First I just want to say I hope I'm in the correct section for this topic. I'm looking to step up from a 120 sr and was looking at the mcpx. Problem is that I've read so many mixed reviews about it. I know I dont like how small it is but I dont like the repair costs I've read about with the blade 450 after even a minor crash. I've read good and bad about the mcpx. Would someone who actually owns one tell me what they think and I'd like to know why you chose it over anything else. Tks,dogs
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I love it. Its getting cold hear in Michigan and were flying indoors now. It's perfect for it. Parts arent cheep but with the heli stock with just a few minor changes for better head speed and less slop in the swash makes it a very derable heli. I pound it off the walls and floor all nite long and 9 times out of 10 I snap it back togather and keep flying. The flybarless system works good. It flys good out side to. Even in the wind. A good bang for the buck. I love it! It will teach you good collective managment. Plus keep you in the air all winter.
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Maybe if you tried the MCP X threads you would get better advice on the MCP X or are you looking for a comparison between the Blade MCP X and walkera Genius

MCP X is good Genius is better

Regards David
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That's a rubbish reply, Doc. "Regards", my a$$.

Of course there is good and bad to every heli, dogs. It all depends on your flying ability and how often you crash. Still, I contend that the mCP X is much easier to fly out of the box. I have both.

mCP X is good, but Genius is not necessarily better.
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Bottom line I will always have one. At my field almost everyone has a MCPx. As of now I am the only one with a Genius since they just came out. But guys that fly 700's when they land go fly their MCPx. It's a great size and a great learning tool! It has taught me more in 4 months than flying large helis for years. I have said this many times. It is like a real life simulator! For the most part you crash, pick it up and fly it again. I have used it to get past some of my "bad areas" I have had for years and just did not have the balls to work on those bad areas with a larger heli for fear of crashing all day trying!

For years helis this size were "just not there yet" in my opinion. Now with FBL, better software and better electronics on something this size, it is a great heli and I love both my MCPx and Genius.

GET ONE... you wont be sorry.

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I also recommend both...and have two of each! mCP-X is better in wind, but it "bobs" when facing wind over 10 mph. My other helis are getting pretty lonely now.
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