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450 Class Electric Helicopters 450 Class Electric Helicopters manufactured by Align, Tarot, SYMA, Airhog, Chaos, HK and similar.

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Default She Flies!

After a long run of bad luck, I finally got my 450S Carbon into the air.

Along the way, here's what it cost me:

Flybar cage -- broke during assembly
Blades -- many pairs
2 tailbooms -- set down too hard with negative pitch
5 servos -- one lost in boomstrike; three lost when head separated inflight
Landing gear -- inflight head separation
3 flybars -- boom strike and head separation; another i can't remember
3 pairs grips
1 set of tail blades
2 tail cases
Align battery -- inflight separation threw battery and it cracked cell #1
Align ESC -- caught on fire 3rd hover attempt

I just finished my first hover. Did it about 2 minutes before my heart-rate was too high to work the sticks. I have enough adrenaline in my system now to wake the dead. I sat her down and I'm done for the day.

Things I noticed:

The align gyro is crap. I either have big swings or small twitches. Both are really bad. The nose constantly goes left no matter what.

The tail does not hold when I apply power out of the hover. A climb from 4' to 8' sends the nose left pretty hard. Maybe I need revo or a better gyro. I dunno.

Other than that, I'm pretty happy. I think by 18 Aug, I'll be ready to at least hover without making too much of a fool of myself in Taiwan.
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Congrats xptical well done.
A proper flight thats a big shopping list of parts my friend to get the bird in the air. Lets hope you have many more flights before your next list of parts.

Your Gyro problems may be down to vibration (bent mainshaft ? blades unbalanced) also head speed can effect how well the tail works a low head speed will cause a bad hold on the tail when powering out.

Dont worry you will get there!

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Congrats. I've been following your posts over the last few weeks, and it seemed like you were having nothing but bad luck. Good to hear that she's finally airborne.

Your run of luck must have come over to me now. I haven't had more than a 2 minute flight in about 2 weeks now without a catastrauphic failure.
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I'm going to balance some 325 woodies today and try again. Because of my bad battery, I went to the local hobby shop (also known as the pompous thieving bastards) to see if they had a battery. They have a 2500mah 3S 20C. The thing is a frickin monster. I'm going to mod a water bottle into a new canopy today so that it'll fit.

As for head speed, yeah, I was hovering around 60%. I'll flatten the curve a bit and see where that gets me. You guys always say what a crap gyro the TeleBee is, so I just figured what I was seeing was normal.
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Rick Rotorhead
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Congrats mate. Why doesn't 2500 fit? is it too long or too thick. If its too thick, I had this problem fitting my 2200 4S TP eXtreme packs under the canopy - there's a solution. Bend the canopy mounting posts forward and upwards, like steers horns. That will raise the back of the canopy and shift it forwards a little - could make the difference you need.
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