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Originally Posted by Adventurer View Post

I just confirmed that my flight timers loose 15 seconds over a 5 minute period while transmitting. This error is absolutely consistent across 3 runs and was confirmed with 2 stopwatches. The screen that is selected (Main / Timers) for the run has no effect on the error. I have an A9 running firmware V1.08(1).
At first I found it odd that the timer on such a transmitter would be off but I just tested it myself and comparing to my android phone's timer mine is also 15 seconds off on 05:30. Good thing I was actually getting at least 15seconds more flight time then I thought I was
Would be nice if Hitec can fix this issue but I'm glad it's just a minor.
edit: I also did a comparison with my android phone's timer and a spektrum dx6i (dsmx). For the same 05:30 the dx6i's timer is slow with 5 seconds left on the timer after 05:30 has passed.

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I am considering getting this or a Futaba

your input is greatly valued as you use this radio.
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Will this transmitter work with the orange receiver. Damo
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Originally Posted by grumpy1977 View Post
Will this transmitter work with the orange receiver. Damo
Nope. Orange only works with Specktrum AFAIK.

There are no Chinese knock-offs of the Hitec receivers because Hitec is cheap enough to make it unprofitable for them. Just get the real deal.
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Default aurora 9

i have the aurora 9 since 2010, she is now at 1.07version (73 hours intergrated time...)
i never never never had any issues with her ! with a 2800mah lipo autonomy is huge and the transmitter become really more lighter than the stock nimh battery

i have used several models with (aeolus 50, t600nitro, gaui 425, gaui 200, compass 6hv, gaui x5, and now compass 7hv.. and a glider...)

very easy to use and program (never used manual exept to understand the Common or solo option for throttle/gaz curves)
touch screen works always very well after 2 years of activity

the latency...i fly 3d and dont see to much late in orders i input to my bird
TX and RX are well priced. !

very good transmitter !
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Default BEWARE of swash plate type change

FYI I am very impressed with my A9 and would make the same purchase again.... but a recent changed from 120 degree swash plate geometry to 140 degree on my prestine decked out Frenzy 600 caused a serious wreck! Even with a pre flight check and everything leveled i did not notice that left was right and right was left. $260+ ticket and hurt pride but all ok. I checked after the fact and servo direction on one set was indeed back to default. Some will say my fault and maybe so but beware. I learned my lesson... again.
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Default Thanks for the thread

I've been debating upgrading my radio. I'm using a Spektrum DXi6 which I don't like much at all. And a Walkera 2801-Pro which I like. Not in love with it, but its 8ch. Was looking for something that's isn't being replaced (ex DEVO). I know every manufacturer will roll out new protocols buti was looking at Futaba and ouch$.

A few days ago I came across the Hitech A9 online. Great looking radio. GREAT display. Touch screen. and the I saw the price . It seemed like a LOT of radio for the price. Read through some forums and this one.

My biggest concern was,do the guys who have them, like them. And most obviously do like them or love them. That's all I wanted to know. I can't wait to feel it in my hand compared to my DXi6 :-). I'm ordering mine tonight!

Just wanted to say thanks!


Ohhhh. 7ch Curves
Southern New Jersey - USA --> looking for local guys who fly helis <-- Less than 1 year in and a fleet of helis: 2 CopterX 450s, an EC-135 - 450 Flymentor. Building an EXI 500.. New Hitec Aurora 9...maybe FBL soon.
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the timer Problem should be fixed with V 1.09(1)
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Originally Posted by almigurt View Post
hello the timer Problem should be fixed with V 1.09(1)
Yes, but suggest you ascertain the equipment purchased has latest firmware installed.
Given time, doubt older firmware is still on shelves but one never can be sure.
Current firmware, all units, is listed at top of:
. Hitec HPP-22 2.4GHz Programmer - Manual, FAQ - How to Install & Use (with screenshots).

ex Hitec USA Support Forum Sticky of which the Heli section may be of interest to you:
Aurora 9, AFHSS Spectra Modules, Optima Transceivers, Minima Receivers
& Telemetry
- FAQ & Undocumented Features
- Mixes, Setups, Tips. {Individual Links often updated}

Alan T.
Alan's Hobby, Model & RC FAQ Web Links
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