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Default burn up motor?

how many has burn up the motor?
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I read as much as possible about the new MSRX here and around the next and the main motor failures are the #2 most broken part on the new heli.

No suprises to me tho, The mainboard puts out major amps and the motor can get very hot when flown hard.
How to avoid it:
If you run the heli hard for a full cells let it cool 4 minutes between cells.
If you run it hard and use any cell heavier than a 160mAH UM cell it needs cooling between cells.
Hard on and off the throttle will require cooling also.

Basically, After you drain a cell you should feel the main motor and its hot let it cool down. Ive read about using lube in coreless motors, But past that i know nothing else, So mabey a few Google searches could help someone who has burning up motor issues.

I fly like a 95 year old blue haired grandmaw driving in Florida, Mine barely gets warm.
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Not liking the sound of that, im not up to flying it fast and hard but eventualy will.
i run the thunder power 25c 160mah and give it time to cool between packs
but i do plan on getting a spare main & tail rotor the thing is a blast to fly
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With the main motors at $10 and the tail motors $4 its not a horrible thing considering how much abuse it takes to burn one out. You would have to over heat the motor 50-150 times to kill it from what ive seen in most cases, Possibly faster if you have bad luck.
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Meh, the guys that are burning up motors early are mostly abusing the crap out of the heli because its new to them...

Granted, some have gotten dud motors, but most are just going crazy and flying them too long and too hard which surely reduces the life of the motor brushes.

I'm not gonna touch the motor after every flight, but I always give it about 5 mins to cool off between battery packs just because I want the break myself. But if I'm running a 240mah battery I'm gonna give it longer to cool down anyway because the flight time will be longer than is specified by the manufacturer.

I'm sure the manufacturer is a little conservative in choosing a battery size, but when they do choose a size, its a good balance between weight, flight time, and giving the motors and electronics a reasonable lifetime expectancy.

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