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Well, I too this week found out something I had been doing wrong for the last 6 months or so.

Have still been getting my sim practice in during this self-imposed winter of discontent. Anyhow, with Sutty talking about all this FPV business and me running some tests on Phoenix, I had been messing about with the display settings.

I decided as I was going to fly FPV, then I would remove the TX and stats display so I could see more of the screen. So, I click the little cross on the TX and it disappears. But to my surprise, hiding underneath that was the simulation speed display. And at some point in the past, I had reduced the simulation speed to 75%, and long forgotten about it

So, all the SIM practice I've put in for the last god knows how long (6 months+) has been at 75% simulation speed. I've changed it back to 100% now and it feel's totally different, so I'm having to take a few steps back and get a feel for it all over again.

Anyway, glad to hear your getting the little niggles sorted out, and look forward to seeing some more vids of it
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