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Default Need help with DX6i

I just purchased a Dx6i to use with my new Phoenix Sim (my LHS was out of stock of the Phoenix sims with transmitter), and I eventually want to bind it to a mCPx but I have a few questions about my transmitter since I'm new to all of this.
1) When I do get a mCPx, how do you activate the "idle up" mode with the dx6i? I've watched a lot of youtube videos of guys idling up their helis and some of them flip a switch on their transmitter to go into idle up.
2) What section in the dx6i to I go to in order to change the pitch of the blades so that on my collective stick I have both positive and negative pitch of the blades, with center stick being 0 pitch?

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1) follow the instructions. It'll walk you through everything.

2) You need to go into pitch and throttle curves to change that. If you don't understand that, watch this:

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On the DX6i, the "idle up" switch is the switch labeled "GEAR/F-MODE". The switch is located at the upper left side of the radio above the switch labeled "TRAINER".

In order to achieve an equal -/+ pitch range, you would run a linear curve (0, 25, 50, 75, 100) in the pitch curve menu of the radio (on the DX6i, it's labeled as "PITC CUR").

You will also need to run either a flat throttle curve, or a "V" curve in the throttle curve menu (DX6i, "THRO CUR")...
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