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Default MSRX vs MSR

I had an MSRX for a few days and I traded it for another MSR. It has more power and it is a really neat machine but I don't know if it has a soul.

I laugh every time I fly my MSR. With my MSR I can high-speed piro (both ways) around the dining room table and am working on the reverse piro needed to do the pirouetting figure-eight around two wine bottles on the table. I can do a pretty fast high bank figure eight around those wine bottles with the MSR and I can only imagine that with an MSRX.

BTW Cut off about half the stock flybar paddles. It does two things: makes the flybar last longer because it is lighter and makes the MSR more lively. And the Cusker mod for the swash is a little livelier than the longer stock swash balls. I use negative expo to make things livelier yet and to sort of match the control behavior of my outdoor 250s.

I didn't laugh while flying the MSRX. Too tense! I could prio right but never left. I could never get the MSRX to do a good figure eight around my two tall wine bottles. I will post a video when I get a good one of my MSR doing a high speed figure eight.

If someone shows me a video of an MSRX doing a high banked figure-eight indoors then I might purchase another one. Until then I will just suffer along with "King Kong"- my MSR and his new buddy "Godzilla"-another MSR.


Good luck and happy landings.
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I hear you. I have only just started to like the MSR X since I started flying it at work in our seminar room. Too difficult to learn it at home.
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The x is a nasty little bugger. I have seen a couple videos of people running very smooth circuits and figure 8's inside with them though. The msr is a much more casual indoor heli for sure!
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They sure are two completely different helis... Beware though, the more you practice and get used to the X, the more you'll like it. Give it a chance and really learn to fly it before you just give up on it. The effort is worth getting rid of the TBE prone and maintenance intensive flybar setup.


P.S. More power, and less weight without the FB, means it can handle more BLING hop-ups.
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Actually the stock "X" Weighs slightly more than the MSR. The thinner blades and higher head speed already stresses the battery. I am running the MH head and blade grips on my MSRX and it is performing well, but I am reluctant in added more aluninum.
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i have chopped my msrx down by 2.5 grams from stock just by trimmimg the canopy and the tail fin ect,

It's a whole different bird have a microheli main rotor head and blade grips comming and it should be still under the factory weight
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