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Default Head speeds?

what is a good head speed for a T-rex 600E?
I'm looking for maximum flight time and am not an advanced pilot at this stage, still hovering around some figure 8's etc.
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I depends a lot on how you fly. Just hovering and some forward flight I would say probably around 1700-1800 rpm, give or take 100 rpm. Set throttle at 70%-75%, or maybe 80% (but no more than 80%) on max for normal mode in your Tx. Idle up or stunt setting can be set higher, but don't use them until you are ready for them.

Just remember that as you graduate in size of heli the rotor head speed will decrease, but the torque of the motor and head will increase. This is due to having a heavier Heli and needing more torque to get the larger blades turning and it flying.

The smaller Helis usually have have higher head speed, i.e.:
  • 450: roughly 3200 rpm
  • 500: roughly 2800 rpm
  • 600: roughly 2200 rpm
These are close to max head speeds I believe (could be wrong and if anyone wants to correct me go ahead), give or take 200 rpm. One other thing to watch for no matter what Heli you have is tail/nose wobble, a classic sign of not enough rotor RPM used in conjunction with stiff head dampening. So if you get tail/nose wobble while hovering, increase your rotor speed or soften your head dampening.

Now the performance from lower head speed in larger Helis is because of the increase in torque needed for turning the larger rotor blades, but if you spin the head too fast it will tear apart the blades or the rotor head. Helis usually fly better at the higher RPM range for their size, this provides more stability and quicker response. If your not used to this quicker responce bring the head speed down 50-100 rpm each time until you get it where it feels good to you, but don't fly it at too low of rpm because it could be more likely to become less/unresponsive, unstable and crash. (Again if anyone wants to correct me go ahead). Also you can add exponential to your servos and dead'n the stick in the middle so you get more travel on the stick. Sometimes this helps more than reducing head speed. Most of the popular Tx have expo setting menus.

The best thing to do is get used to the higher head speed (just graduate yourself up to it), because you'll like it in the long-run anyway.

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