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Default solo pro 100 vs 180?

Is there any difference between the nine eagles solo pro 100 and 180, besides size? they both appear to come with the same transmitter and gear. they both appear to be practically entirely made out of crash-resistant plastics.
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The Solo Pro 100 is a very small heli, and the 180 is a much larger heli, just like you mention.
But crash resistant... the 180 is NOT. It's a much more fragile due to much more teqnology and advanced solution.
The engine for the rear rotor is driven by a shaft and gears, this would say as a real collective pitch heli.
The Solo Pro 100, is much less complicated, and much less fragile.

Besides the 100 is also much easyer to fly, where the 180 is a true 3D heli, and is a beast to fly.
I even started learning to fly with such a Solo Pro 180. That was expencive.
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Default 180 vs 100

One big difference is that the 180 has a shaft driven tail rotor (ie, only 1 motor) while the 100 has a separate tail rotor motor. So the 180 is more like a full grown 3D heli in that respect.

I have very recently received the Nine Eagles Solo Pro 328 (4 Channel, fixed Pitch), the Solo Pro 180, and the Solo Pro 100.

I got the 180 first, but since I was still only flying counter rotating heli's in my house, and am very early in 450 size 6 channels outside, I decided it was best to start with the easier to fly models first, since I have to do all my flying inside (in smallish room) until my foot heals.

I usually just plunge head first into things, but that is how my foot got to this sorry state... by doing everything myself, without asking anyone for help...

I couldn't resist the insanely cheap prices I got them for.. I think the 100 and 328 that just came yesterday cost me about $160 for the pair, delivered. I was delighted that the 100 came with the J6 Pro TX (already have one with the 180) , but was disapointed to hear that I can't operate the 328 with one...

I have the Turnigy 9 Channel radio (and mess of receivers) that I was going to run the 6 channel helis on, but the J6 Pro Tx looks so nice, I may not bother.

Anyone have suggestions on what radio TX the 328 might function with ?
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