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Default 3gx system for the 550

I would like opinions on the stock 3gx system in the 550 V-2. How does it compare to other flybarless systems and would any of you who have a lot of experience with flybarless systems recommend one over the other?
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I am flying my V2.1 (Oct 2011) with the 3GX and two SAT's and it doing quite well, but my confidence level in Align Gyro's is low, so I've ordered the AR7200BX BeastX for this heli, and will install the 3GX on my 450 Sport that is currently running with the 3G.

If I was in the market for a new FBL gyro, then it'd be the BeastX.

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Wow, I gotta chime in on this one. I really don't know why some many guys are so negative on the 3G or 3GX. I've been flying mostly the 3G systems (T600e, T550 and Logo 600) and one 3GX on my T450 fbl and never had an issue. One of the best buys I've seen in years is the 3G combo going for a measly $99.00 at GrandRC and HeliDirect even had a holiday sale for the controller and sensor for $50.00! I bought one as a spare. Flies very, very well as long as you set it up properly as with any brand of FBL unit. I laugh when I read about guys (arm-chair Szabo's no doubt) that buy a new kit and ask if they need to ditch the 3G or 3GX in favor of brand XYZ. If you have that little confidence in something you never tried before give it to me. I'll find it a good home. Try it, you may really like it.
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i have five of them. If was going to buy one and pay in the $200 range or so I might lean elsewhere, but not for sure. But one of my attractions to the 3GX is the price/performance and not having to commit a receiver. when the spektrum/beast x comes out no doubt that will be an attractive unit (once it's proven) but, otherwise I am quite happy with my 3GX units on all of my helis from 500 to 700 size. I have friends that have them and between all of us I have not seen or heard of the problems that have been discussed here. i do recommend the v1.2 as the flight mode feature helps smooth out the feel.

taco - i met a guy last week who is one of the best i've seen, especially his rock steady forward and reverse flight with less than 6" (inches) between the blades and needing a new 700E - his fbl? 3G. go figure.
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+1 on the 3G system. My 550 is 3G 2.1 not even 3.0. and flys great. My flying buddy trys them all. He has Skookum, units on his 550 which he likes, A BeastX on his Protos 450. Flew it for several months then dumped it for another Skookum unit Then picked up a 3G unit because he wanted to get his 600 nitro back in the air used it & flew great with no issues. Guess it more luck & preferance. Some guys at he club I belong to swear by Mikado Vbar. IMHO The Align unit is a good bang for the buck deal. Easy to set up & flys well.
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