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Old 06-15-2012, 04:35 AM   #21 (permalink)
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In my case I use TH only when flying. My flight procedure is as follow:

1.Tx on (TH error), Tx off - TH off, Tx on.
2. TH on
3. heli on pad
4. heli power on
5. stick-servo movement check
6. pilot in position, ready to fly
7. TH off
8. flight
9. TH on right after landing (sometimes even before)
10. heli power off
11. Tx off (with TH on so it beeps when Tx on next time)

As for setup I ALWAYS remove blades, disconnect motor cables + TH keep on. never enough safety. It creates good "muscle memory" habits. I may lose a minute or two before I'm ready to fly but in the end it saves me pain, stitches and weeks if not months of recovery after injury. Sure - scars are sexy and female attractors but I'd rather don't like to loose an eye (true story).

Those my habits can really save your health/life. I say: stupid one is the luckiest one. After crash I have rebuilt heli, set everything and went on field to see if everything is ok. Everything connected, blades on but I neglected double check. Hell, pre-crash everything was right, didn't alter the setup. So I power Tx, then heli (TH was on).

After ESC logged in motor went full power (mind the TH on and blades mounted). I was uber lucky because I messed with motor wires and had them connected wrong so my 3-wire brushless went in opposite direction. Had I do it right I would have my both arms cut heavily.

Since then my first heli power on I perform outdoors and without blades. If I'm sure everything is OK I then mount blades. When heli is on desk there is no discussion I start working on it when it has main blades on and motor connected.

And as a warning: eye loosing accident - true story from my local field.

One guy from our forum had to finish his RC heli hobby due to eye loss. One day he was practicing hovers in the garden. Wind blown heli into the nearby bushes. Blades (wooden) cut some of it, no damage to the heli on first glance. Pilot noticed some light blades cover damage. He wasn't sure if the blades are ok and if he didn't lost blade tracking. So he decided to take off and observe mid flight. His bad luck - one of the blades had internal damage after the bushes crash. When pilot was hovering few meters away and observing blade tracking - heli suddenly was torn apart mid-flight and crashed. Pilot felt a strike in the head. He suddenly start to shed tears. He wiped them but his sight was still blurred. He was wiping "tears" but it didn't help. The "tear" appeared a eyeball fluid. The strike pilot felt was a lead rod (blade balance weight) that launched off of the damaged blade. Bad luck it striked and pierced pilot's eye.

Few surgeries later he saved his eye but it has max 15% sight (afaik). We don't want to be paranoid, but after that accident few people bought protective googles...
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+1 for disconnect the motor....or........if still dont want to disconnect it....just put zeros on every point on your throttle curve (normal/idle/hold)......just my 1 cent
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In my case I get around this in two ways. First is, my 600 and 700 are both off of flight packs, so the electronics are BEC powered. Second, with all my birds I use castle esc's at set RPM governor mode, and have the throttle curves set at flat 30, 70 and 100. None of my birds will arm UNTIL I hit throttle hold, that's the only time they will see zero throttle to arm. Ever since a 550 spooled (...slow start, but still sucked) in my hand, I make sure even when plugged in, they don't arm until I say so.

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Old 06-24-2012, 04:57 AM   #24 (permalink)
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I always use receiver packs now much safer
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Old 07-05-2012, 01:27 PM   #25 (permalink)
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On my first transmitter I didn't even have a throttle hold. One day, after replacing some servos I was trying to get the reversing corrected. The heli was sitting on my counter top in the kitchen. All set up. Just had to fix this and I would go out and fly. My transmitter just had the little switches on the bottom for each channel. So I flip the switch that I think will fix it. Nope. OK... Flip the other one I think is it. Nope... I got it! I'll flip each switch in sequence until I find the right one! Worked great until I hit the throttle reverse. Heli instantly went full throttle and full pitch. Smashed into the wall, kitchen cabinet, ceiling and knocked the transmitter out of my hands. I had to grab the helicopter by the tail boom and rip the battery off. Fortunately for me, I escaped with only a few cuts and bruises. A piece of carbon fiber blade had stabbed through the ceiling, another blade impacted the solid maple cabinet and sliced right through a 5/8'' thick face board. The remainder of the spinning head caught a plastic grocery bag and reduced it's contents to dust. All in about 5 seconds I'd guess? I almost gave up the hobby that night. I'll never forget the amount of power contained in those little brushless motors and the terrible damage they are capable of inflicting. Whenever I work on my head, motor unplugged, pinion gear off or main gear pin out. If I don't need the blades on, they come off too.
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Old 07-08-2012, 04:27 PM   #26 (permalink)
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yep, thats why you unplug your motor..
That must have been amazingly scary..
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I've also hit the throttle by accident, but have been saved by the soft start

However TH is still pretty much the only way to work on the heli in the field after changing packs while attaching the canopy before flying.
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