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550 Class Electric Helicopters 550 Class Electric Helicopters manufactured by Align, Tarot, SYMA, Airhog, Chaos, HK and similar.

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Default HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok she's all bulit.................... ESC mounted, 3GX mounted, Sattelite Rx mounted . I'm looking at a brand spankin new 550 and a new Spektrum DX7s, 3GX is loaded onto windows, Li-Po is charged. Now what? I'm new, at have no clue what do do now. Manual is a bit vague????????????? I'm not even sure which servo plugs into which port eg. rudder,elev,pitch, aileron. The manual shows different assignment as far as channels and radios. The 3GX program on windows seems a bit tricky, and the wire to the USB is so dam short. Any advice please

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Basically it is the same to set up as the 3G. Here you go:-




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Great Videos and they will help...But if you are new and not sure what you are doing, I would seek some "In Person" help to go over your setup and check out the usual stuff.

Not much sucks as bad as flying a new Heli's maiden flight and it crashes because of a missed or botched setup step. It has happened to most of us. Me on my 550E (4th Heli built) and somehow during setup I accidentally reversed the gyro. Took about 5 seconds before the Heli started spinning uncontrollably while still on the pad then tipped over when the tail fin caught. About an 80 dollar face palm.
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Please make sure you disconnect the motor from the ESC or move the motor back so that it has been disengaged from the pinion before you start messing with any of the set-up with the 3GX.....

In regards to your set-up you want to hook it up as the manual shows for JR/Spektrum radios. I would also take some quality time to sit down and STUDY the 3GX section of the manual and then ask questions up here is you don't understand. If you set something wrong then this could lead to a very expensive maiden flight. Also, if you know someone with heli experience then it isn't a bad idea to reach out and get some help.....
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Read, watch and read some more! Also good advice here about getting someone to look over it for you if you have the option. I never use the esc for setup and use a receiver pack instead, no way to accidently spool up that way.
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All good advice, new too and did not find it that difficult after a lot of video watching, reading up etc. About the short USB link, easily fixed, just buy a standard USB extension cable from a computer shop :-)
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Ditch the 3GX! It's a P.O.S.! You will save yourself a whole heap of heartache! Go for a Beast X or a new AR7200BX from Spektrum! Just got mine and it is FLAWLESS!
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I agree,, get the Beast X
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