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550 Class Electric Helicopters 550 Class Electric Helicopters manufactured by Align, Tarot, SYMA, Airhog, Chaos, HK and similar.

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Default Nylon plastic screws for landing gear to save frames? or tips to reinforce frames

Wondering if this would work. I love my 550. Flies so well, tracks so well, and is floaty enough for me to really progress. Just worry about frames breaking in a crash.Just wondering if anyone had tips on how to reinforce frame (that would actually work) and/or if nylon screws may work to serve as a breaking point at the landing gear. I upgraded to 2mm CF frames from the get go already. I'm aware of the KDE upgrades but not sure if they work to prevent cracked frames

The frames from 3rd parties are affordable but who likes to replace all the servos and redo wiring, not me
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I saw a guy crashing his logo 500 at the field and he had nylon screws on. It saved his landing get 100%.
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i have the full line of KDE upgrades, and have several frame spacers placed throughout the frame. and this has increase frame rigidity 10 fold easily. i have had several hard autos, and one bad crash because of a bad rx battery and my frame has survived without a scratch
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could you elaborate about the frame spacers? I'm not really picturing this in my mind.
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Just screw them into any free holes on the frame.
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IMO just buy 2mm frames!!!
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