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Default 2012 Official HeliFreak SoCal Fun Fly Event - Oct 4-7, 2012 Fallbrook, CA

Once again we are VERY pleased to announce the Official 2012 Southern California HeliFreak Fun Fly! Once again, the Palomar RC Flyers have graciously agreed to host the event at Johnson Field in Fallbrook, CA October 4-7, 2012. Yes, we've expanded the event to FOUR days! HUGE thanks to Palomar RC Flyers President Bill Hill, Helicopter Chair Scott Dedic and the rest of the Board and especially the members of Palomar RC Flyers for allowing us to "invade" their home once again.

As in the past, this event is 100% HeliFreak! No Commercial BS - just pure flying, fun and friends!!

Pro Pilots confirmed so far: (If you are a Pro/Sponsored pilot and you want to attend, come on out!!! The Heli Community loves you and would love to hang with you.)

Tony "Redneck Spotlight" Whiteside
Tim "The Beast" Jones
Greggor McGrath
Devin LeBlanc
Brian Tran
Frank Columbia
Kyle Dahl
Darrin "Chainsaw" Reed
Jason Bell
Justin Barry
Dave Ketelhut
Cortez CJ Jenkins
Bert Kammerer
Bobby Watts
JC Zankl

As an added bonus, Saturday night, there will be a Circle City 3D cookout for all registered pilots. If you've missed the carne' asada and yellow chicken before, you'll definitely want to hit this up!!

FaceBook Event Page by Wurger --> https://www.facebook.com/events/278492862217155/

Sponsors: As of (/16/2012, this is the official sponsor list. Each sponsor donated at least $200 in items for the raffle for a grand total of over $12,500 in prizes! Thank you to all the event sponsors!

Special thanks to ReadyHeli for their hugely generous donations to the raffle pool!

Align USA
AMain Hobbies
Assurance RC
Avant RC
Century RC Helicopters
Compass Models
Edge Rotorblades
Empire Hobby
Experience RC
Gens Ace
Mikado Model Helicopters
Innov8tive Designs
John Shipley
Motion 6D
Nankin Hobby
Next Level Multi-Rotors
OC Heli Tech
PureTech Products
RC Heli Canada
R/C Depot Hobbies
RC Logger
Ron's Heliproz South
Scorpion Power Systems
Sheldon’s Hobbies
Sick Canopy
Thunder Power

Approved Media Coverage:

EgyptSean Productions
Will Holland
Jett from Motion 6D

If you would like to help out the event with a sponsorship donation, please contact Kevin or Will.

• Tent Camping is OK (And Fun)
• RV's Welcome (No hookups)
• Night Flying from dusk to midnight!
• Food once again provided by Palomar RC Flyers (and we hope Bill Hill's wife is cooking again!) all day long.

Kevin "Skiddz" Spousta is the local event coordinator for HF in CA and will also be our CD this year. The event will be co-organized by Will James and emcee'd by Bob "Finless" White. You will have the opportunity to talk to "Finless" in person and ask for his advice, help and suggestions. As he's done with his videos, he's always willing to assist fellow hobbyists in learning and succeeding in this great hobby.

This year we'd REALLY like to push on-line registration. This helps us confirm AMA status ahead of time and get everyone past the registration desk as quickly as possible. It also helps us plan for food/beverages and other "necessities". The good news is that pre-registration is STILL only $18!!! and only $20 on-site

Point your mobile devices at, or click on, the QR code below to be taken to the event page where you can read all the details and register on-line.

We hope to see you all there. It's a great location and a great opportunity for us 'freaks to get together and have a GREAT TIME HF Style.

AMA Sanction number 12-0797.

***Any commercial media ventures (magazines online and offline, web forums, web sites, blogs, etc.) will be REQUIRED to have media "Press" badges for all their photographers and videographers who attend the event. ALL Commercial media representatives MUST contact Will James by PM or email for preregistration of press credentials and clearly display them at all times during event hours. This is NOT negotiable and NO press passes will be issued at the time of the event.***

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And now, the details and technical stuff:


Once again, Palomar RC Flyers' Johnson Field will be the event site. It is located just North of the Intersection of S76 and Pankey Road in Fallbrook, CA.

From Interstate 15, head East on S76 about 1/4 mile and turn left at Pankey Road. Go through the green gate at the end of the road and proceed to the field. Here's a link to Google Maps:



If you're flying in and wondering how close the various airports are to the field, here's a list of airports with distances and estimated times:

San Diego Lindbergh Field - 48.9 miles, 53 mins

Los Angeles International - 106 miles, 1 hour, 52 mins

Ontario International Airport - 67 miles, 1 hour, 14 mins.

John Wayne Airport - 66.3 miles, 1 hour 16 mins.

Burbank Airport - 109 miles, 1 hour, 59 mins

and if you want to foot the bill for the commuter trip to the closest airport with actual airline service, fly into Los Angeles and then on to Carlsbad:

Palomar Airport - 26.2 mi, 35 mins

Night flying:

*** Amain Hobbies has stepped up and will be providing 2 light towers for Friday and Saturday night's flying. Those units should be able to flood the entire runway and surrounding area with light. Big thanks to Kendall Bennett, Kevin Kiser and the rest of the Amain team!!! ***

Unrestricted dusk until 10pm.
Music shut down at 10pm,
Spotlights ok until 11pm
Self-Illuminated until 12am
Spotlight holders to wear safety vests and be stationed in specific areas.
Pilot to be pushed out towards North edge of runway with a blue tarp staked down in the dirt for takeoff and landing. **UPDATE** We're working on a new space plan to get the pilots able to fly over the runway during the event. Looks VERY promising right now
Spectators to be held behind a safety line paralleling the runway.


Safety brief each morning at 0830 and again towards dusk for those who wish to night fly. These will be kept very brief.
Two Safety Marshals at both fields at all times in safety vests. (We need volunteers!)
Safety Marshalls to have radios and remain in contact with Will, Bob and Kevin at all times.
Flight stations to be pushed forward to at least the centerline of the runway.
ONE spotter required per pilot
ONE photo/videographer per flight station WITH the pilot's permission.
- Last year's pictures show these two safety items were violated on more than one occasion. We have to abide by the AMA rules to get our sanction for the event as well as the insurance that protects you, us and the Palomar club who is nice enough to let us invade their fine facility-
Spectators/easy-ups to be pushed back at least 65' feet from the flightline even at the far West end where the road begins to curl North at the main field. Buffer zone at the South field will be similarly maintained.
Pilots waiting to fly will be held back at LEAST 25' from the flight station.
No pets on the flightline.
We are planning on having at least one, if not two golf carts running between the two sites on a semi-regular schedule. (again, we need volunteers!)


Like last year, we're planning on 3 contests:

Spot Autorotation
Duration Autorotation
Drag Race

John Shipley has graciously offered CASH prizes for the winners of these events.
Sign-up sheets will be available at the registration desk for anyone interested in competing.


Palomar RC will handle food like they did last year, (We're hoping Bill Hill's wife helps out again - her cooking was DELICIOUS!!) on a donation basis, available from approximately 0800 to 1800 each day of the event with one exception;
Some of the Circle City Flyers would like to host a carne' asada BBQ on Saturday night. Palomar will not provide "dinner" that evening. This is a donations only BBQ, similar to how the club did food last year.

No red shoes are allowed on the flightline unless they're worn by Darrin Reed.

Parking/Camping/Site Layout:

Palomar has their own mower and can clear any areas they wish so we're considering trying to create 2-3 more stations somewhere on the field.
Space layout has been determined. Please see below for details.
A few "loading/Unloading" ONLY spaces up front will be provided. Please move your car once you've got your gear unloaded/loaded to allow someone else to use the space.
We'll work out RV parking as well and I assume we'll have Helifreak Central in a travel trailer right up front again.
RVs can start arriving AFTER 4pm on Wednesday the 3rd and there is to be NO flying until Thursday morning at the main runway. Please be courteous to the club members who may be there flying. It's their field until 0800 Thursday morning.
No generators after 11pm please. (Not even the Hondas/Yamahas)
If you have a LOUD generator, (you know, ones that sound like 15 coffee cans full of marbles bouncing around inside a 55 gallon drum inside a running cement mixer?) bring a LONG extension cord and put the thing well away from the pit and spectator areas.
**UPDATE** Palomar President Bill Hill and I (Skiddz) walked the entire site a couple weeks ago and have come up with a preliminary space plan to offer as many as 9 flight stations and much better RV and parking density. Here's how it's working out thus far:

How it works out:

Yellow shapes are RV parking spots. They're 40 feet long and 15 feet wide. (I measured the width of my trailer with the awning all the way out for the width)

Green shapes are car parking spots. 8.5' wide, 18 feet long. (Standard CA spot size per the documents I found online.) You can see we can fit a boatload of cars in the main lot and provide 100+ more on the "overflow" lot to the East.

Blue shapes are 12'x12' eazy-ups. Bill Hill and I spoke about double stacking them which still leaves us at LEAST 65' feet from the canopies to the pilot stations in all locations per AMA guidelines..

"Blobs" in front of the cars West of the main RV parking are 6'x6' tents. We should be able to stack those in with the tent camper's cars and still allow them in/out access with their vehicles.

The transparent grey-blue shapes are flight boxes. All of them but the West one on the main runway are 150' wide. I removed one to create a 200' wide box for people who might want a little more room for sport style flying.

Grey shapes with the lines through them are as follows from right to left: 20'x20' Kitchen for the Palomar folks to feed us. 100'x20' Vendor/Team tent and a 40'x20' Vendor Team tent extension.

The 2 RV spaces perpendicular to each other are Helifreak Headquarters. The other one near the Kitchen is Palomar RC Flyer's President Bill Hill's coach.


Last year we all did pretty good with the trash. If at all possible, bring a couple trashbags and take your own garbage hone with you for disposal. We're expecting another large turnout and we need to remember we're guests at the Palomar field and need to make a concerted effort to leave the site in the same (or better!) condition when we leave.
Toilet facilities will be much improved with a total of 8 Port-a-Potties and at least 2 hand wash stations on site. Additionally, the club has contracted daily cleanings for all 8 Port-a-Potties..


As it was with the past events, vendors/teams are be asked to make a donation to the raffle of current product valued at at least $200 or make an equivalent cash donation. This allows you one tent/Easy-Up space in the "midway" area (We're keeping all vendors/teams in one area this year) and ONE banner displayed on the fence near the pits. An additional vendor space is an additional $150+ in raffle prize donations or cash. Space in the "midway" is first come, first served.

All donations will be sent to my attention:

Kevin Spousta
c/o FLYIT Simulators, Inc.
5931 Sea Lion Place
Suite 110
Carlsbad, CA 92010

Sponsor names will be printed on the the shirts again this year, and we will be sure to mention them when their raffle donations are given away and the team/company name will be displayed on the 1st post of the Event thread. Video and stills of the raffle will be taken and posted here in the Event thread and on the HF Facebook page to maximize sponsors exposure.

SPONSORSHIP HAS EXPIRED!! If you didn't get your sponsorship information to us, you're not going to get your name on the shirt. If you'd still like to donate to the raffle, we'll be more than happy to announce you at the raffle!
Your donations must arrive prior to the sponsorship deadline of Friday, September 14. If you plan on bringing your items with you when you travel, we'll need a letter of intent from you detailing what you're providing. Failure to provide the letter or the product prior to midnight on Friday, September 14 will result in removal from the vendor/team area.

Please make note that there will be NO noon time demos. If you wish, you can ask Bob White (Finless) or one of the other HF Staff members to announce your pilots and their machine at whatever station he or she may be flying. All pilots, regardless of team or manufacturer affiliation, will wait their turn to fly. There will be no preferential treatment and no monopolization of a flight station or area of the field by teams/manufacturers.


Any commercial media ventures (magazines, web forums, blogs, sites, facebook pages, etc.) will be REQUIRED to have a media pass. ALL Commercial media representatives MUST contact Will James for a media pass for every photographer or videographer you will have on site at any time during the event. This is NOT negotiable.


CD is to be Skiddz, enlisting the assistance of Augusto as Backup CD.



We would like to make a serious push to get people to register online. This makes it a lot easier for us to verify AMA status ahead of time (You still need to bring your card!) and get people through the registration process at the field more quickly. Registration page is available by clicking on the QR code in the first post above, or by scanning the QR code with your smartphone or tablet.

Note: If you are not a United States resident and do not have an AMA membership, you will be required to obtain an "Affiliate Membership" in the AMA in order to fly. The cost is $28 and you MUST have a current membership in your country's National Aero Club. Details and the application form are here: http://www.modelaircraft.org/files/903.pdf Additionally, we will be able to process AMA applications on-site, however, we ask that you get it taken care of ahead of time as our resources to process the paperwork will be limited on-site.

For Canadian residents: AMA has a reciprocal agreement with MAAC. A current MAAC card will be honored at all sanctioned events or chartered club activities.

Volunteers/organizers will be scheduled in shifts so no one person ends up sitting there for hours at a time.

All pilots will be receiving an event badge *and* a colored wrist band when they register. Badges will be for identification. We agree that wrist bands are a pain in the butt, but we had a few instances last year of people not registering and flying and also demanding a refund, receiving that refund and then they were caught flying later. (You know who you are and so do we.) We unfortunately have to do this to maintain control over the event and make it easy for you and us as well as the Palomar host team.


Same as last year. One ticket is provided for each pilot when they register/check-in. Additional tickets are available for $1 each up to a maximum of 25 tickets and may distributed amongst the prize boxes as desired. HELIFREAK STAFF, PALOMAR RC BOARD MEMBERS AND SPONSORED PILOTS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE!

*ONLY* registered pilots are eligible for the raffle. (Again, Helifreak Staff members, Palomar RC Board members and Sponsored pilots are not eligible.) Reps who get a discounts on parts are ok, but if you're getting freebies, please either don't participate or give your winnings to a "regular Joe" pilot.

You *MUST* be present to win and you *MUST* have your pilot's badge and wristband to collect your prize.

This year, there will be a Volunteer only raffle. Only people who have volunteered (and are not part of the Helifreak Support Staff or Palomar RC Flyers Board or Sponsored) and helped out during the event will be eligible for these prizes. We've decided on a helicopter kit as the prize for this raffle and may add a few more prizes as the event nears.. We will be issuing raffle tickets in a different color than the general raffle based on hours served - 1 ticket for every 2-hour shift.

We are still looking for a few more volunteers, so if you are attending and would like to help, please PM me or preferably Skiddz. (OK Just kidding about Skiddz Will) There will be a volunteer sign-in sheet at the show-center tent as well.

Some of the prizes donated so far:

Alees Rush 750 kit (Possibly TWO)
Logo 600 kit
Goblin 700 kit
Goblin 630 kit
Blade 130X
Aurora 120 kit
New Align T-Rex 700 DFC Kit
Century Radikal G20 HD kit
Compass 7HV Kit
TWO custom canopies
Logo 600 Canopy
Helicommand Stabilization System
Heliproz South Gift Certificates
FYE-Tech Y6 Hexacopter
FYE-Tech FY-91Q Basic Flight Controller
FIVE RC Logger Digital Pitch Gauges - V2s!
24V 1200W Power Supply
15.5v 600W Power Supply
14V 350W Power Supply
Five 2S 450mah 25C Lipos
693 and 713 Edge blades

...and lots of other swag!

Keep checking the first two posts in this thread for details as they may change as we continue planning the event. Same FUN Event and fun people attending. Great food, great friends!! See ya there!!

No helicopters were harmed in the creation of this post.
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OK, there's at least ONE registered pilot - me!

No helicopters were harmed in the creation of this post.
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We are finally able to announce the 2012 Event. We are REALLY looking forward to seeing you guys again and having a great time at the event.

PLEASE Preregister if you can, as it makes it very easy for the Palomar guys who are volunteering to assist our event registration to get everything verified so you don't have to wait when you arrive at the event. Please Preregister.

Don is going to setup extra shirts on the HeliFreakSwag.com site for those of you who want more shirts and will be at the event to get them from Don at the registration table. Thank you for sporting the shirt!!
William James
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If you are a PRO Pilot and attending the event, please PM me or Kevin or any of HF Support and we can add you to the list of PROS attending. Thank you.
William James
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I *might* go to this event...

Skiddz whats the word on the Gold Bond samples? Need any help getting them to do it?
"Thanks for registering - here is your badge, here is your shirt, and your sample of gold bond gootch/taint/crack fixing powder"
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Cant wait
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Originally Posted by WillJames View Post
If you are a PRO Pilot and attending the event, please PM me or Kevin or any of HF Support and we can add you to the list of PROS attending. Thank you.

Darren "chainsaw" Reed is coming! Yeah !!!!
Team Horizon Hobby

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Awesome thank you for the dates!!! Online registration is a great idea
mix in a little r/c heli for me will ya?
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Since it's such a long haul for me, I think I'll wait a few months before pre-registering to make sure I don't have any catastrophes that would prevent the trip. As my plans stand now, I will be there!
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Rock on!!!!

I'm so excited for the night flying. It'll be fun to see everybody again. Met some real cool people last year.
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Pinion is all registered! Yeeeessssss!!!!!
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Nice cant wait for the funfly last 3 funfly have been great!

whats the big deal witth asada and yellow chicken ...? thats like food you can buy everyone in southern CA us mexicans are taking over! haha
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Default "WELL DONE"

All signed up, I will be there every day. Thanks for all the hard work done so far to get it going.


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Just signed up, can't wait.....
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This is going to be another great one!! I'm signing up for sure. I live 20 minutes away I can volunteer to help any days, just let me
know. Thanks Will James for your mcpx blades you gave me last year
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I already have saturday and part of sunday marked on my calender! I am looking forward tothis event, last year was awesome!

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Wow 4 days im looking forward to this one.
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That's what I think about this event!!
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Originally Posted by daryl View Post
This is going to be another great one!! I'm signing up for sure. I live 20 minutes away I can volunteer to help any days, just let me
know. Thanks Will James for your mcpx blades you gave me last year
You are welcome. Looking forward to hanging with you CA guys again this year!!!
William James
Team "Wife" sponsored pilot... Thanks Baby!!!
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