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700 Class Electric Helicopters 700 Class Electric Helicopters manufactured by Align, Tarot, SYMA, Airhog, Chaos, HK and similar.

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kane4fire, sorry to hear your experience with the chaos line has not been a positive experience!

I have read many threads stating that the landing gear where brittle and snap quite easily!

I never had any real issues with my chaos 600 and when i eventually did break the skids it was from having my ALIGN 600mx engine bearings failing on me!

Only issue i had with the whole chaos 600 kit was the carbon fiber boom! To many little wierd imperfections in it so i decided to go with a metal boom.

The service i have recieved from Cliff at rc aerodyne has been top notch!

I recieved a gaui X2 heli for xmas 2011 and let me tell you that was far from a pleasant experience!

When all was said an done the little X2 was dam near as expensive as my chaos 600 and the total amount of trouble free flights i had from it?? ZERO.

Try contacting gaui or align an the odds of getting an honest answer and them admitting to faulty parts is more then likely zero!

I have had nothing but amazing customer service and now 2 years worth of flights on my chaos 600.

I take great care at insuring all bearings are smooth and in perfect condition and i am very confident i will have season 3 with my chaos 600 trouble free!

I have a chaos 700 on the way and i plan to make a few changes to it before it ever sees the air!

FC3 landing skids to give it an evil stance, LATCH-TYPE RECEIVER MOUNT, and will probably add the 3rd bearing to it!

I will document my build and video my maiden flight! There will be many videos come summers end showing just how well my chaos 700e performs!

If it performs as good as my chaos 600e does im in for one hell of a fun summer!

Cheers Keith
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