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Default Leaning tower of Mini-CP

This may be more of a general heli setup up question but in the few flights I have had with my new Mini, I notice that it leans to one side. It doesn't necessarily want to always roll to that side but then again with 3-axis gyros, I'm not sure it would.

I thought it might be a balance issue but when I checked the balance left to right by lifting it off a surface from its CoG I found that strangely enough, or maybe not so strange, it balanced in the opposite direction.

Is it simply a balance issue and if I balance it out statically, even if in the opposite direction of what flight characteristics would suggest, it will balance out in flight?

With the nitro heli's, balance was rarely an issue because something had to be pretty out of whack before it had much affect but when the bird weighs but tens of grams, it would seem balance is much more important.

Did I just answer my own question or off on a stroll in left field?
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Sounds like the tail rotor torque.


Sounds normal.
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All helicopters lean, except dual rotors. Clockwise rotation leans to the right. CCW rotation leans to the left. Has to lean to counter blade torque.
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Thank you both very much.

I guess it just wasn't as noticeable with my larger helis in the past although my faulty memory could be due to 'Old-timers disease'.
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You'll notice it a little more on a flybarless helicopter too.
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