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Rick S
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Default A Better 11X Manual?

Some of you will agree the 11X manual that JR/Horizon offers leaves a bit to be desired. When I saw JR had posted a firmware update for the XG11, I was searching the site and found the English version of the XG11 manual.


Although the XG11 has differences vs. the 11X, most functions are the same and the XG11 manual does a much better job of explaining how to use each function. Just the presentation of each page is better. As long as you remember this is not the manual for the 11X and ignore some of the functions like telemetry (come on Horizon/Spektrum, please add this function to the 11X if possible) it makes for a good read and I'll probably refer to this when trying to figure out a particular function.

Who knows, maybe someday Horizon will adpot this format for the 11X manual.
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Don McCullough
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I use the 12X manual for the same reason.
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One thing thats not covered to well in the 11x or the 12x manual is assigning mix's to switches. In the 11x manual the screen is not even mentioned at all,... great.
From trial and error I figured out how to assign a mix to other switches but not how to prevent the default mix activation switch from also activating the mix.
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Looks like we can update ours now:

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Default x11 series

Although I love JR product i am mortified that they;
*Have 4 or so versions of the same fdamn 11X ie 11X, DSX11 XG 11 11Xzero
All slightly different. why note differentiate and explane the model difference more clearlY?
At the moment you have to guess your way through
*They have different firmware for each and also each version within each model ie NET P111, NET P121Ed etc
*They chose to leave out some critical explanations ie in copying models one needs to click SD Card then scrol to sub area in dashed line.
The way the manul expresses it one cl;ick the SD Card heading which leads you off to the Transfer are a (and which goes thru a working cycle but sdoesnt copy to SD card

This appears to be a very lazy after thought approach.leaving rel assistance to the user groups. By then its a toatl hodge podge of explanations
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