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Default Didn't know this, so what's your thoughts

Was dead set on the beast x, Heard nothing but great things about it. But I just discovered the SK 760 ( I think that's it and I can't spell it off the top of my head ) has a auto level self bail option. Being new to fbl I don't know much about all these different systems and honestly though that the 760 was a lower level unit. Seems I was wrong as I see alot of good things talked about it. So does anybody out there have any expirence with using these two different units. Just wondering if thu are both on the same level or not. Ultimately I'm looking for the best handling best flying one but the sk760 bail options is what has got my attention. Speaking of that does it work as good as its claim to work. Is it just flick a switch and into auto hover it goes. Lol. Beam me up Scotty !! ??? Lol.
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The Beast works very well and is easy to set up if you watch some setup videos and learn about the common issues people encounter while setting one up,(usually just something not being completely understood) It is not too sensitive when it comes to setting up on different helis, (default settings will get you in the air and fly well) And making changes at the field are done with the same button used for setup( no additional equipment needed)
The Skookum flies very well also. The setup is more complex, but their are more features too. There are a lot more parameters to adjust and you will need to learn some more. The auto leveling feature has (I think) four optional modes alone. Setup is done with a PC and changes at the field are done with a Field Terminal (or laptop) which is an optional accessory.
If you are new to FBL and just want to get to the flying part quickly, I would suggest the Beast
If you are into learning more about the hobby and want the ability to tweak all your settings go with the Skookum.
You wont go wrong with ether one, it just depends on which features you"just gotta have"
Good Luck
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