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Hm, Klaus I got similar feeling on my TDR with SAB 710 FBLs, didn'y think this may be the blades, but I tweaked almost anyhting in my VBar or gov settings and still cannot get it to look anyway aggressive;(
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Originally Posted by Costas View Post
Might visit this heli in a few months time when they sort out the few minor issues.

Would like to hear how reliable and mtce free the complete belt system turns out to be [esp the tail drive].
I'll be looking at goblin at the end of season. There is way too many unknows and problems at the moment to consider it (for me a boom strikes and pulleys breaking apart are big issues), but I agree it's very interesting design.

Haven't heard much about TDRs breaking up.
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This should be sticky IMO.
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TDR is a proven design with 3+ years proven track record and even a few improvements. Quality is meticulously taken care of by Jan himself, not by a badly taught chinese worker dealing with borderline material and process qualities. And I am allowed to say in our own sub forum we all believe it was better designed to start with.

That's why we chose the TDR, that's another reason why we believe it's so special.

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Originally Posted by Heli G View Post
Getting OT here, but good thing that you're changing to Radix, did you see the pic safety wire in a blade rated for 3500 rpm...[/IMG]
You only need a wire if the tip is weighted, are there any weights in the end of the SAB blades?
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