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Default Swashplate

Can anybody tell me if the outrage swashplate plate will fit and align trex 600 nitro ? I am having some issue with getting the blue light on the BX. I know it doesn't have to be blue as long as u got 6 but I just want to try and get the blue light for peace of mind. I've tried about everything I can with the outrage head and align swashplate. Also having the issue that the grip to swash linkage does center on the mainshaft. Hoping that a new swash will fix all this. I've been looking at the new swash ( i think its new ) from outrage and I worry it will not fit with the swash balls being longer with the guide arm. Can anybody verify that it will fit.
Thanks so much
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Since this is a few weeks old, you may have already obtained your answer, but in case not, I'll attempt:

Yes, the Outrage swash will fit/work on the Align. But, I don't think it'll change the geometry enough to get you what you're looking for...the Outrage swash will, however, allow you to get the proper 90 phasing if you're using the Outrage FBL head.

Have you changed the ball position inwards (second hole in on Align wheels) on the servo horns/wheels? How about using the FBL servo horns, such as the Quick UK "3G" wheels? How about trying shorter balls on the swash?

Anyway, my 600LE flies just fine with red light at 6 (I can get blue at 6.2 with stock Align wheels, second hole in). I'm using the Outrage head and LE swash with the shortest balls I could get going up to the blade grips.
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