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Default Wider Stance Landing Gear

What other make of wide stance heavy duty landing gear will fit the Pantera? I'm just learning & need all the help I can get.
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I guess you could get training gear or make your own. Search around.
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JB sells 2 different styles of landing gear struts. The typical set is the narrow version I think, but he does have a wider stance, low profile set as well. Give JB a call and specifiy which style you're wanting.

If you're needing something to help prevent tip overs, you might want to consider making a set of training gear. The best I used was fashioned from a hoola hoop and used wood dowels as crossmembers to provide structure. The dowels were zip tied to the hoop, then the hoop was zip tied to the landing skids on the helicopter where the wood dowels intersected the helicopter skids.

something like this drawing...

And looks like this in real life application.....

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Actually, JB offers four different sets of landing gears struts!

AUD0033 is the lightweght 3D gear, which are standard
AUD0033-2 is the heavy duty wide landing gear struts.
AUD0033-3 is the new low profile gear molded in white
AUD0033-4 is the carbon fiber landing gear struts

Plus our training gear, which has the distinct advantage og disassembling very, very quickly with a twist lock at each leg. That, and the fiberglass rods can be shortened easily as you gain confidence. The nice thing about foberglass versus wood is each leg is the same while wooden dowls can flex differently due to the differing grain (and worse if the wood wasn't protected from the oil of the exhaust). Here's a link.

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