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Alexandre Najar
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Default Setup with non linear pitch curve

Hi Guys,

I was doing the initial setup on my microbeast and until menu point K my pitch curve was non linear!!! At menu point K I realized and corrected it before I could get max/min pitch angles. But what about the other menus itens before K?! Should I do all the setup again or I could correct it just in time!? Thank you in advance!!!
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Okay, well firstly I would say, if ever in doubt just do it again, the MB set-up is so fast, especially when you have just run through it, you would have no trouble doing it again. However, if we take a closer look, we can see that it almost certainly doesn't matter.

A: Mounting Orientation - No relevance to pitch curves.
B: Swashplate servo frequency - you would want this to be correct whatever, and the pitch curve wouldn't make you change the frequency.
C: Tail servo centre pulse - No relevance to pitch curves.
D: Tail servo frequency - No relevance to pitch curves.
E: Tail servo end points - No relevance to pitch curves.
F: Tail sensor direction of correction - No relevance to pitch curves.
G: Swahsplate centering. Now this one is a little questionable, but I think is not affected by curves for this reason. Initial starting point, reference point is based on a 1520 us pulse as provided by the MB. The centres are then adjusted by selecting using the rudder, and using the elevator stick to adjust. It doesn't care how it gets there, it is adjusting an internal value in the MB, so that say its pulse of 1520 changes to say 1590. At this point it makes a record of this, when you move on and from then on it always goes there, when relevant. So again, I believe not related to pitch curves.
H: Swashplate mixer - We nearly all have red here for 120 degrees, so again, no relevance to pitch.
I: Swahsplate directions. In this case, I guess a really odd curve might make it difficult to see what was going on properly, but it would have to be well odd, reversed or something. A fairly normal curve and you would be able to set this correctly.
J: Here is another tricky ish one, but again almost certainly unaffected by Tx values. The MB starts you out at its corrected centre figures, say 1590, 1570, 1530, or whatever you had from G, and you just change the value until it is at 6 degrees. It won't care where the Tx is at, all it will care about is what value it had to send to the servos to get to 6 degrees, and if that pulse width is acceptable it will tell you by the colour of the light.
K: Back to where you spotted it.

Or, another way to answer it, is no, you'll be fine, but do it again anyway. It never hurts to go over it twice. You've probably done just that whilst waiting for someone to look at your question anyway.


Regards, Sutty
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Alexandre Najar
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Sutty, thanks for the answer and you were absolutly right! I just did it again while waiting for some answer! lol. I did not notice any diference at all!!!!
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